Fifteen year property boom coming.

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Get ready for a property boom

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This is interesting and provides an insight into the future growth of commercial investments with rising rents and increased demand. The election has no doubt had a steadying hand in the property market and with a five year window and anticipated stability of one party government, some structure and forward planning can be achieved. The knock on effect of commercial development will surely rub off into the domestic channels with added rental value and growth in property values being widely predicted.


The cost of borrowing is still very low and this adds to the attraction of investment into the housing market. Bring this all together with a growing economy, the 55 year old group wondering what to do with their pension money will surely lead to a high demand for investment property. Given that there is a shortage of housing nationwide, this is going to fuel prices and put pressure on the “jewel” properties that generate the best rental income to expenditure ratios.


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