Small Company Pensions Deadline Approaches


UK Company Pensions Deadline Approaches: Fines of up to £500 per day


UK Pensions Deadline

Time is running out

Small businesses are facing a countdown for Auto Enrolment as the UK Company Pensions Deadline Approaches. The advice from the Pensions Regulator can be see at the link below. The need for compliance will affect hundreds of thousands of small businesses, right down to a household employing a nanny.

Discover more about the Pensions Regulator’s guide to Auto Enrolment

UK-Online-Finance has this covered with our partners and advice is available to small companies to clarify their obligations under the new Pensions Provisions for Business

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Time is running out

Surveys indicate that companies are not addressing this obligation and that they assume Pension Providers will have an open door policy for a quick, last minute compliance. This is wrong and you may find that accessing a provider is not straight forward.

Avoid the fines, be prepared and start your pension planning now. It’s your money, it’s your choice

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