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These calculators are provided to help you reckon your ability to take a mortgage or a loan, and to keep track of where you are up to with your cedit cards.

Please feel free to use them with our compliments. They retain no data and do not use "cookies" to record your details in any way.

Calculate your mortgage repayment abilities here

This calculator will set out the amounts a lender in the UK would be prepared to loan given your household income. You can then calculate the amortization (reduction) of the mortgage debt over time.

Calculate your possible loan repayments here
This calculator will tell you what you can afford to borrow. You can stipulate how much you want to pay, and how often.

Calculate your real credit card obligation here
This calculator will show you what size credir card you can apply for, given a certain repayment amount and frequency. You can test various repayment levels and APRs.

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