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Switching Electricity Supplier

Switch to get a cheaper electricity supplier

It isn't difficult to switch your electricity company and it will probably save you a heap of money, over a year. Uswitch is a free online price comparison service for getting a cheaper supplier for your electricity.

UK online and Uswitch — cheap electricity for your home

UK Online has teamed up with Uswitch to provide a service to our clients, which is aimed at a cheaper electricity bill for your home. UK Online can now connect you with the Uswitch facilities to calculate utility savings for a cheap electricity supplier. Click on this button to get an instant calculation, online, of the possible electricity bill savings you can get by switching your supplier.

Switching Electricity Supplier


A cheaper electricity bill for your home, and green too!

the Uswitch site includes environment effect calculators for various utilities and UK Online is pleased to be in patnership with an organisation that takes a major part on events like National Energy Efficiency week.

uk online and Uswitch, a great way to cheap gas

There's many ways to cheaper bills and we've assembled a list of things the average home owner can do to reduce utliity costs even further, after you've switched to a company that gives you the cheapest gas in the UK.

Just follow this link to our list of  energy savers, little things you can do that will ensure a cheaper utility bill for your home, and a safer environment.

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Switching Electricity Supplier
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