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Structure and Commitments

uk-online-finance.co.uk is a private organisation, which owns and operates this web site. We act as an intermediary presenting a range of of insurance and financial products for people in their various life roles as bread winners, family members and individuals.

We believe in lifelong relationships with our web site users and so we strive to provide a full and relevant product range that is dynamic and continually meets the needs of our user group.

We seek to become a valued part of our users' lives from childhood, through education to career, and beyond.

We take the view that our users are family people, all of whom have careers, professions and occupations that we need to take into account in dealing with them.

We are well known for introducing products and services offered through affinity partnerships and this gives us the strength of our partners' experience. Some of these relationships bring us more than 35 years of providing services in life insurance, building and contents insurance and finance.

Our careful selection of partners allows our users access to a network of thousands of professionals nationwide.

These days everyone in busy, and busy people require a competent and speedy service. Therefore, we select partners who are like us, staffed by highly trained people and empowered to make decisions with the absolute minimum of bureaucracy and referral.

We aim to introduce products which exceed our users' expectations for price, cover and service.

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