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You've found the dream house, now what do to make it your home? Let's face it, not many of us do this more than once or twice in our lives, and a quick look at the average land sale contract will convince you that Charles Dickens is alive and well in the world of lawyers.

Solicitors online direct to you

So now you need solicitors. You know, chaps on tall stools . . . wear half glasses . . . write very long documents with feather pens. Well, actually, that's just what you don't need . . . uk online finance has teamed up with because they take a view of solicitors and legal services as a commodity. Click here for an online quote:

Get an Instant Online Conveyancing Quote

Online quote for UK conveyancing makes moving faster

An online quote for the services of a solicitor from Easier2move is done quicker than you can say "moving house", and instructing them by online form gives you a fine control on the conveyancing process.

Make a house your home with online conveyancing

The great thing about online solicitor services from uk-online-finance is that the jargon and unfamiliar procedures are stripped away. Use our online form to spell out precisely what you want to do, and then sit back. We'll go to work for you, and you'll be kept informed by phone, SMS and email. And the best bit of all? It's cheaper than most every other way of doing it.

UK Online Finance and Easier2move for professional house moving services

Get the services of online solicitors to carry out your conveyancing. It's the quickest way to finish buying a house, and to start moving in so you can make it a home.

With an online quote for direct conveyancing services from and, you can strip away the jargon and unfamiliar practices of the law, and lets you deal in plain English with people who understand what you want. While you are thinking about conveyancing, if you are not "locked in" why not take a look at our online Mortgage Services.

So, if you are looking for a home in the UK, let UK Online look after you, while our competent and professional partners, easier2move look after the lawyers and the technical details.

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