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Conveyancing — Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is online conveyancing cheaper than a solicitor?

With us it is. All our work is done by our own qualified solicitors and we fight like mad to contain costs. We guarantee no hidden extras, and what's more, if anything at all upsets the deal and the transaction does not complete, there are no fees.

Question2: Is online conveyancing faster than finding a solicitor?

Generally speaking, yes. You click on a quote button, fill in the forms and get an answer. Then, if you decide to proceed, it's all fairly automatic, click on the button and give it a try:

Get an Instant Online Conveyancing Quote

Question3: Do I have to pay everything straight away?

We can't speak for other legal services firms, or solicitors, but with us you'd normally pay a small deposit, and then the balance shortly before completion, as part of the final transactions. Unless of course, you are simply selling, then the other side pays.

Question 4: Who looks after all the bureaucracy?

Basically, we do. We'll get all the reports, organise a survey if you think it's a good idea (we do), make some suggestions about stamp duty and work that out with you, and generally think ahead on all the fine detail.

Question 5: Who do we communicate with and how?

One of the great things about direct online conveyancing services is that by their nature they require us to keep in close communication with you, and not by snail mail. We use sms, email and telephone to keep you up to speed, and to make helpful and, we believe, wise suggestions.

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