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Conveyancing solicitors, your will and estate

Now that you've found the dream house and the mortgage is done, you have started the process of making it your home. There is, however a number of other matters to consider. Owning a property means you have an estate to dispose of, and you need a will, as there are debts to settle and obligations to meet.

Moving home. Your conveyancing solicitor may advise . . .

Give some thought to the whole issue of a new home.. A lawyer can explain your obligations and make some general suggestons as to the best way to protect your loved ones. One thing he can do for you is to make out your will. To get a cheap quote about conveyancing, and to find other legal advice, click on this button

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A will and mortgage life insurance are a must for home owners

A solicitor can help you prepare a will, without which you would be "intestate". That doesn't mean your family won't inherit, but it makes things pesky, time consuming and expensive for them . . . and at a time when that's the last thing they need.

What they do need is sufficient insurance to cover the mortgage, make payments and provide an income. Follow this link to run through the links to insurance services on this site.

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Make use of our referral system by going to the appropriate household, mortgage or income insurance pages on this site. You'll get a cheap quote by just click the "get a quote" button.

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