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Compare mortgage rates from UK high street lenders quickly and easily. We will help you to find the best mortgage product for you online and in a few minutes regardless of the type of deal you're looking for.
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  Loans Find the best loan for you, either secured or unsecured. Our personal loan product search will help you get the best rate all online in a few minutes.
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  Credit Cards By far the easiest way to instantly compare the credit card marketplace. Find the best credit card for you from many providers with even more introductory offers, discounts, cashback and APR rates.
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  Insurance Online quotes from a comprehensive range of insurance providers with instant applications for travel, motor and home insurance through to pet, income protection and private medical insurance.

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  Best Buys Page A summary of the best buys in each product category, with hot links to take you straight there. If you know just what you want, go for it! These tables are designed to get you the very best deals.

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  Services Homepage A carefully selected set of products to cut your gas, electricity and phone bills.. And if you're buying a property, there's conveyancing online,too. Save a bundle.
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  Savings Homepage Innovative and carefully researched products as additions to your piggy bank, or your pension scheme. If you're looking for standard pension arrangements, you'll find those here as well.

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uk-online-finance is dedicated to providing fast, efficient and economical solutions to your requirement for a whole range of insurance, financial, home ownership and credit card products.

This site is divided into four main categories, and within each those categories is a whole range of products for every requirement.


We can organise personal loans to match your circumstances. No matter how your past credit history looks, we can assist you in completing a loan application, placing it with the most appropriate lender and then negotiating a satisfactory conclusion.

We'll find you the best deal in town too, because getting the lowest cost loan is as important as getting the loan. It makes payments that much easier.


With access to a panel of National Mortgage Brokers, uk-online-finance is able to find you the best finance package, tailored to your requirements.

There are over 250 mortgage lenders in the UK, with around 4,000 different mortgage deals on offer. We can analyse your requirements and then help you complete a proposal, place it with the appropriate mortgage house and make sure it completes.


We provide links to a strong range of insurance products, ranging from Mortgage Protection Insurance, through life assurance cover to illness and accident insurance, household cover and car insurance.

We act only as a referrer to FSA regulated insurance providers who can provide cheap, effective and complete insurance packages for our website users.

All applications and quotes can be completed on line and you can be insured in a hassle free way to get real peace of mind.

Credit cards

Trying to find the best offer on credit card arrangements is a jungle. The major banks charge too much, the fly-by-nights to little, but there are great deals out there from innovative, respectable, licensed institutions.

We can get you a cheap APR, a great flexibility in repayment and a reliable, credit worthy institution to back you up. So use our online faculties to get an instant answer to your credit card problems.

uk-online-finance, the cheap, fast, online way to get finance, loans, mortgage finance, insurance or credit card facilities.

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