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Why do I need household insurance?

You need to protect what is probably your most valuable asset against circumstances beyond your control. There are different levels and policies which will give you cover for the just the building structure, the contents and both building and contents. Some aspects of cover may be a condition of your mortgage company of lender that you have a certain level of cover for the structure of the building. Check if you are getting the correct cover here

Which policy is best for me?

You will need to work out a few things first and it is vital that you check your policies very carefully and also not to over pay for features and values that are incorrect. For example, buildings insurance is concerned with the "rebuild" value of your property and not the market value. Check here for the best prices for buildings insurance as well as combined contents insurance

Review your current policy now and see how much you can save

It is your money and your choice - but regular review of all your products is a good idea. Check that you have the right address and names on each policy, check the fine print and check out the price against the market here.


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