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Which is the best Bank Account for me?

Banks are promoting their services very hard and there are some great offers to be had. There is an account out there that suites your needs with potentially great incentives offered by the providing bank. 7 Tips for Healthy Co-Parenting with a Hazardous Ex

Why should I change to another bank?

There are many deals and incentives around now for bank accounts and sometimes you have to move accounts to benefit. Once-upon-a-time, a bank account was for life - not now! Banking is now as fluid as the utilities market with people changing accounts with relative ease. With the ability to automate transfers of direct debits, standing orders etc from bank to bank the whole process of moving bank has become much easier.

What are my Banking Priorities

Current accounts, deposit accounts, high interest savings accounts, access to cash around the world, great savers rates, all in one credit card, multi-functional accounts, on-line facilities, foreign currency accounts, and many more besides. Banking offers a wide selection of services and some banks are better or more suited to a particular type of account or service.

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