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UK Online Finance for Credit Cards Mortgages Insurance Loans and more

UK online finance provides you with the easiest way to arrange your finances instantly, online. Quick, easy to use information and application forms for credit cards, loans, mortgages, insurance and lots more.


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Contacts and Links for UK Online Finance clients seeking assistance with consumer issues.

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Please make use of our loans, credit card debt and mortgage calculators. You will also find calculator buttons on a number of pages through out the site, where we thought they may be useful.


Conveyancing solicitors and UK Online Finance helping you to buy and sell your property. Professional home services for when you're moving house. Get a direct and easy quote.
Online Conveyancing — Other Legal Matters
Online Conveyancing — Frequently Asked Questions

Refused Credit

How to re-establish your credit rating with UK Online Finance's online credit card and loan facilities for people with adverse ratings .

Utility bills — cheaper gas, electricity and phone accounts

Switch your home gas supplier online and save money. UK Online Finance and USwitch offering cheaper utility bills to UK residents
Telephone Accounts — switch online
Gas Supplier — switch online
Electricity Supplier — switch online
Lower your utility bills — handy energy hints to save money



UK Online Finance Mortgage Index

Compare and access a selected number of UK mortgage providers, with links to all our pages on mortgage types, comparisons and explanations as well as calculators, online comparisons and application forms.

Mortgage Home Page

The portal to a full range of online mortgage products such as fixed, capped, interest only and variable rates for all types of buyers, including first time, includes remortgaging and clients with adverse credit. Provided by all major high street lenders, and many other sources.
Abbey National Mortgages
Alliance & Leicester Mortgages Halifax Mortgages
Nationwide Mortgages Natwest Mortgages
HSBC Mortgages
The Woolwich Mortgages

Mortgage types defined

We untangle the specialised language and give you a short, to the point description of the various types of mortgage,and their providers.
Buy To Let Mortgages

Capped Rate Mortgages
Discounted Rate Mortgages
Fixed Rate Mortgages
Variable Rate Mortgages
Tracker Rate Mortgages


Loans Index

Compare secured and unsecured personal loans online. Find the best deal for that car or home loan, or even a business loan. Through the UK Online Finance website you can access loan quotations for all purposes. we also have sections for for students and people with adverse credit history.

Loans Home Page

This is our portal page to all our loans information. From here you will find pages explaining loan types, calculators, help in comparing lenders and applying for loans.
"Barclayloan" — Personal Loans From Barclays Bank
HSBC Bank — Personal Loans
Lloyds TSB Bank — Personal Loans
Marks & Spencer Money — Personal Loans
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) — Personal Loans
Tesco — Personal Loans

Loan Finance — Lending types defined
Loan terms explained. UK Online Finance untangles the jargon for those seeking loan finance
Business Loans
Car Loans
Debt Consolidation and Adverse Credit or Bad Rating Loans
Home Loans
Personal Loans
Secured Loans
Student Loans

Credit Cards

Credit Cards Index

Check on major UK credit card providers, their offerings, rates and incentives. Online Links to apply and compare lenders and their facilities.

Credit Cards Home Page

This page is a portal to our credit card pages, allowing you easy access to information on all the major providers, plus a handy calculator and facilities to enquire and apply to our providers online.
Barclaycard Credit Cards
Egg Credit Cards
HSBC Credit Cards
Marbles Credit Cards
MBNA Credit Cards
Capital One Credit Cards
Goldfish Credit Cards
Virgin Credit Cards

Credit Card Types

The various credit card types explained, with some discussion of their various attractions, advantages and drawbacks.
0% Balance Transfer UK Credit Cards
Low interest and Interest Free UK Credit Cards
Student Cards
Cashback and Reward UK Credit Cards
No Annual Fee UK Credit Cards


Pensions, stock markets and spread betting

Savings index page

This page is a portal to our growing range of investment, savings and pension products.

UK Pensions

UK Online Finance and ODL Securities sourcing the best UK pension plans. From a state pension plan to stakeholder plans, professional help and advice

Stock Market Investments

Open an account and trade stocks and shares online including US markets with UK Online Finance and ODL Securities. Help and advice for first time traders as well as in-depth help for experienced investors

Online Spread Betting

Take a bet on the price spread of popular stocks, options, currencies, commodities or even sporting results. An online tax free alternative to simple share trading.


Total insurance cover

Insurance Products Index Page

UK online finance is the easiest way to arrange all your insurance needs instantly online. Mortgage, life, income or other vital cover . . . we've got it.

Car Insurance

Direct Line UK

UK Online Finance and Direct Line offering 10% discount on all motor car insurance policies. Instant online cover and the UKs cheapest quotes.
Direct Line Motor Insurance - Making a Claim
Direct Line Car Insurance - Types of Cover
Direct Line - FAQs

Endsleigh — Car Insurance Online

UK Online Finance and Endsleigh offering cheap car insurance cover to all UK residents. Get a low cost & effective quote online in seconds.
Endsleigh — Car Insurance Claims
Why Choose Endsleigh?
Endsleigh Car Insurance - FAQs

Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover

Comprehensive critical illness protection policies. UK Online Finance and Rebroke can recommend the best insurance policy cover for you.

Critical Illness — Key Facts

The facts about critical illness insurance policies. Why UK Online Finance and Rebroke have the best critical illness cover.

Critical Illness — Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs

Answers to frequent questions about critical illness insurance policies. UK Online Finance and Rebroke have the answers for critical illness insurance.

Home and Property Cover

Direct Line Home Insurance

Direct Line and UK Online Finance offering up to 15% discount on all home insurance policies, plus a further 10% if you're an existing Direct Line motor insurance holder.
Direct Line Home Insurance — Summary of Cover
Direct Line Home Insurance — Making a Claim
Direct Line Home Insurance — FAQs

EndsleighOnline Household Insurance

UK Online Finance and Endsleigh offering buildings and contents household insurance cover to all UK home owners. Get a cheap quote quickly and easily online.
Endsleigh Home Insurance — Making a Claim
Endsleigh Home Insurance — FAQs

Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance in the UK. Full unemployment and disability insurance cover.

Income Protection Key Features

Income protection insurance. Detailing the key features to our cheap online policies protecting you against disability, redundancy and illness.

Income Protection Insurance Facts

Income protection insurance. The facts about our disability, redundancy and illness cover for UK residents
Income Protection Claims Procedure
Income Protection Policy Wording

Life Assurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance cover in the UK covering your mortgage and more. Cheap instant life assurance quote online from UK Online Finance and Rowan Forrester regulated by the FSA.

Life Insurance Policy Types

Explaining the different types of our cheap UK policies from term assurance to mortgage life insurance.

Life Insurance Quote Comparisons

UK life insurance quote comparisons. Online quote comparison in an instant.
Life Insurance cover for men — Life Cover Only
Life Insurance cover for women — Life Cover Only
Life Insurance cover for men — Life and Critical Illness Cover
Life Insurance cover for women — Life and Critical Illness Cover

Mortgage Protection Insurance

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

Mortgage insurance in the UK. Full private mortgage life insurance cover for you and your home.

Mortgage Protection Insurance Key Features

Mortgage protection insurance in the UK. Explaining the key features to our online mortgage payment insurance.

Mortgage Protection Insurance Facts

Mortgage protection insurance. The facts about our disability, redundancy and illness cover for UK residents
Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance Compare our Rates
Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance Claims Procedure
Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance Policy Wording

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Comprehensive pet insurance from UK Online Finance and Endsleigh. Cheap medical cover for your pets instantly online.

Pet Insurance — Why Choose Endsleigh?

A low cost pet insurance plan for all your family pets from Endsleigh and UK Online Finance. Easy online quote in an instant.

Pet Insurance — Making a Claim

Pet insurance online claims procedure from Endsleigh and UK Online Finance. Comprehensive cover for your family pets quickly and easily.

Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance — Cheap Online Quotes

UK Online private medical insurance. Best rates and hassle free online service for an NHS alternative
Private Medical Insurance — Key Facts
Private Medical Insurance — Frequently Asked questions, FAQs

Student Insurance

Student Insurance

Comprehensive cheap student insurance for all your possessions. Available from UK Online Finance and Endsleigh
Student Insurance - why choose Endsleigh?
Student Insurance — Making a Claim

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Online

Cheap online travel insurance for UK residents. Instant online policies for multi or single trips and annual cover. Covering USA, europe and worldwide for students, backpackers and family holiday insurance.
Travel Insurance Cover Levels
Travel Insurance Claims
Travel Insurance Policy Wording


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Best Buys

Best Buys

Our best buys tables are designed to give you the very best financial deal possible for mortgages, loans and credit cards from high street lenders and providers in the UK.
Personal Loans Best Buys Tables
Credit Cards Best Buys Tables
Mortgage Best Buy Tables
    Adverse Credit Mortgages Best Buys Tables
    Base Rate Tracker Mortgages Best Buys Tables
    Capped Rate Mortgages Best Buys Tables
    Cashback Mortgages Best Buys Tables
    Discount Mortgages Best Buys Tables
    Flexible Mortgages Best Buys Tables
    Redemption Mortgages Best Buys Tables
    Standard Variable Rate (SVR) Mortgages Best Buys Tables
    Self Certifying Mortgages Best Buys Tables
    Buy to Let Mortgages Best Buys Tables

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