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Please note: The interest rates, APR calculations, charges, awards and other conditions applying to credit cards on these pages may be changed by the card providers at any time.

Low Interest, Interest Free UK Credit Cards

Switch your credit card balance to a card that offers a lower rate of interest? Well, why not?

One of the ways card issuers are attracting business is, of course, by lowering the interest rates they charge.

Cards that offer fringe benefits up front, 0% balance transfer, three months' free shopping, and the like, often have a higher final average interest rate (APR) for the year.

However, some card issuers, aggressively pursuing market share, combine great benefit deals with low APRs.

Compare rates online for a cheap UK credit card

Click on any of the cards below and then select its name by scrolling the menu box. We strongly recommend you then run a comparison by selecting the default choice of "Any", it may find you a far better deal . . .

Our pick of the best:

Egg —

egg.com, majority owned by Prudential PLC, began life as an online financial company. The company obtained one of the first online banking licenses and have over 2 million online customers. Egg's French operation was for a long time troubled, but the little bank kept fighting, and looks like showing a profit in 2004.

What's all this got to do with credit cards? It means that Egg is aggressive, innovative and open to ideas . . . in other words, low interest charges, among many other things. APR of 13.9% undercuts most contenders.

Click on the card below and compare . . .

Credit Card Compare and Apply

Marbles —

Marbles credit card is an online credit card ( apply online and manage your account online)

HFC bank is the Marbles issuer, and one of the largest credit card issuers in the UK. This means a 24 hour customer service line that allows you to make changes to your account any time.

Marbles offers a rate of 0% for 6 months, not only on balance transfers like some credit cards but also on purchases. They also guarantee that if you are defrauded online marbles will refund the difference no quibbles.

Marbles credit card also gives you internet delivery insurance so if something you buy online goes missing in the post you get your money back.You can choose from 4 funky card designs.

APR of 14.9% compares well in the field.

Click on the card below to compare, or apply . . .

Credit Card Compare and Apply

Virgin —

Virgin credit card lets you choose a low balance transfer rate or a low purchase rate, or whether you want to earn rewards. And of course, you get to choose your card design as well.

There are three basic formats offering APRs ranging from 15.9% (ouch!) down to 10.9%, a figure that indicates just what card issuers actually charge for the "free" benefits.

You can change features and benefits any time, so as circumstances change your credit card does too.

APR of 10.9% is worth looking at, if you are not trying to save on a maxed out balance by getting a 0% transfer balance rate. Time to get out the calculator?

Click on the card below to compare . . .

Credit Card Compare and Apply

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