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Please note: The interest rates, APR calculations, charges, awards and other conditions applying to credit cards on these pages may be changed by the card providers at any time.

UK Student Credit Cards

Credit cards can provide the best way to control budgets and to get through patches of no money for tertiary students. Student cards in the US originally came with a streak of benefits aimed at the tertiary student . . transport, books, computers, etcetera.

In the UK that is not the case, and a student card is just a normal credit card, which means you can get all those things plus DVDs, rock concert tickets, and of course, lunch.

However, as the issuers see market share among tertiary students as courting a new audience, they still offer good value and marching into your local bank as a brand new uni student, with a few quid to start the account, will see you get a quick and easy approval for a card.

Compare rates online for a cheap UK credit card

Click on any of the cards below and then select its name by scrolling the menu box. We strongly recommend you then run a comparison by selecting the default choice of "Any", it may find you a far better deal . . .

Our pick of the best:

Accucard —

The original "build your own card" offering, Accucard is still one of the most flexible, and cheapest options around.

By paying a slightly higher annual fee (£19 a year compared to £8 a year for their normal offering) an Accucard holder can get moderate APR, and still get some cashback awards.

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Credit Card Compare and Apply

Capital One —

The card has very low introductory interest rates, minimal complicated benefits attachments, and is designed for someone starting out in the world to manage easily and build a good credit rating and is having trouble, as some overseas students do, in getting other credit.

There are no annual fees, but interest rates on purchases work out at a steep APR. This makes it a card that needs paying in full, before the end of each month. In other words a perfect card for a first time user who is receiving a monthly allowance.

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LLoyds TSB —

Are going after a market with their "Advance" card, and that means great deals for people on a fixed budget, like most students. Try 0% on balance transfers and purchases until 1 September 2004

And after that you still benefit from a low standard interest rate, charged from day of purchase.

Qualifying balance transfers must be made within 6 weeks of account opening (a few days before you get your card). Perfect if you donít pay off your balance every month! If your finances are standing still

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