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Please note: The interest rates, APR calculations, charges, awards and other conditions applying to credit cards on these pages may be changed by the card providers at any time.

0% Balance Transfers on UK Credit Cards

Should you switch your account balance to a new card, one that offers to cut the interest on your old card's debt? Well, why not?

Card issuers are offering 0% APR balance transfers so there's no need to be stuck with a high interest rate.

Barclaycard now have a 0% APR for life . . . life of the balance of your transferred debt, that is! Other card companies have started to increase the interest free period to 9 months. This could save you a lot of interest on your credit card balances.

But REMEMBER to make the monthly payment religiously, make the minimum new purchases each month and stay within the credit limit, or your zero percent advantage will evaporate in an instant.

Compare rates online for a cheap UK credit card

Click on any of the cards below and then select its name by scrolling the menu box. We strongly recommend you then run a comparison by selecting the default choice of "Any", it may find you a far better deal . . .

Our pick of the best:

Barclaycard —

A balance transfer rate of 0% APR for the life of your balance when you spend a minimum of 50 per month. If there are months when you do not use your card, you'll still only pay a low interest for those months.

You'll also get 2% cashback on your purchases until December 2004, when you transfer a balance, as long as you carry a balance forward from one month to the next.

Up to 0.5% CashBack rates from 9.9% p.a. (11.5% APR) for purchases 0% p.a. on balance transfers fixed for 6 months.

Click on the card below to compare and apply . . .

Credit Card Compare and Apply

Morgan Stanley —

Platinum Card has a 6 month 0% balance transfer scheme, with the APR fixed at a reasonable level.

As with most of these offerings, be careful to make the minimum purchases each month and to pay the monthly minimum balance repayment, or the issuer will raise the APR at a moment's notice.

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Credit Card Compare and Apply

Citibank —

Both the platinum and the standard Visa cards from this big bank offer 0% APR for 6 months on balance transfers and purchases and a typical standard APR.

The initial balance transfers and purchases will be charged at 0% for the first 6 months-with a standard APR, cash will be charged at a higher APR (variable). A minimum repayment of £5 or 3% (whichever is the greater) must be made during the interest-free period and throughout the term of the agreement whilst there is an outstanding balance.

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Credit Card Compare and Apply

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