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Please note: The interest rates, APR calculations, charges, awards and other conditions applying to credit cards on these pages may changed by the card providers at any time.

Your Credit Card — UK Online Finance has it

Here is everything we can find for you on credit cards . . . the types, the rates, the best deals.

Read up on the cards listed below or do an in-depth read on the Credit Card Types that interest you, or alternatively simply click the button below to instantly compare all car providers rates and conditions and to make online applications.

We've also included a separate section for people who've got bad credit problems in our comparison software, so don't despair.

When you click on any of the "Compare and Apply" buttons below , remember, there can be more than fifty card providers listed, and we are adding all the time. So, after you've checked out your chosen card, run a check on the choice "any", it might find you a better deal by running through the whole database for you.

Click on the name to find out more about each one, then click the button below your choice to compare their rates with others:

Barclays Egg HSBC
Marbles MBNA Capital One
Goldfish Virgin Accucard
American Express Citibank Morgan Stanley
Intelligence First Direct More th>n
Tesco Halifax Refused Credit Information


A new credit card from Barclays — "Barclaycard"

Barclays is one of the big banks, and so their credit cards service is plain and simple, and, for the most part, simply works. They have occasional interesting benefits, and sometimes come up with a really good promotion, like "Free kicks".

Barclays says of the promotion: "Barclaycard Free Kicks is our way of making a genuine contribution to grass roots football. We have committed £4 million over three years to the development of football in our communities. We will:

* Open up football to people from disadvantaged areas
* Help people with disabilities play the game
* Support education using the positive power of football"

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Would you credit a card that's no yolk? Egg have it

Egg is a battler for customer share, and as such offers some really useful benefits to cardholders.

They have obviously done a lot of analysis of competing credit card offers and cut their charges to the bone, streamlined their service and thrown in a bunch of fee benefits.

An example is the online service: " Managing your account online or on Egg TV on Sky digital is so much easier, and puts you firmly in control 24 hours a day. You can also e-mail us securely over the Internet and we'll be happy to help," says Egg.

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A card that's a credit to you — HSBC Card

A really big bank, and with a slick and swift credit card system that matches. The bank has worked hard to develop community involvement, in its drive to capture the High Street.

About its community conscious credit cards, it says: "Choose a card that supports Wales, contributes to the National Trust, earns you Morrisons Credits or makes contributions to more than 80 UK arts organisations every time you spend with your card"

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All the credit you need with a Marbles card

Marbles is a card issued by HFC bank, and it is a simple, easy to use MasterCard variant, with a snappy online account management service, and access to other loans and services provided by the bank.

Best benefit? You get to choose the color of the marbles that decorate the front of the card. Doesn't mean much, but is fun . . . and that may mean their approach to other matters suits you to.

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MBNA cards set your credit to your income

MBNA has a layered approach to credit card benefits, as your income increases over the £8000 per year threshold required for the "Classic" or entry level card.

Other levels of card, the "Platinum Plus" and "Beyond" cards, for example, require an income level of £20,000 to qualify.

Click on the right hand button below to examine the full range of cards from MBNA.

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When it comes to credit this card is the Capital One

Capital One takes an "ability-to-repay" approach to its cards.

As an example, its US style small business card, a version of which may soon be seen in Europe, is targeted at the "small business owner who wants to separate personal and business expenses". It provides a £20,000 limit. While it's "Platinum Card", which is already available here, is designed for people who have " excellent credit, and manage their finances well."

They also have benefits on different cards, and you can find out more by clicking the right button below . . . or simply click on the left button and apply direct.

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Goldfish Card— credit to bowl you over

Different fish on the front, different benefits, or at least that's how it seems to go at Goldfish.

Their basic card provides "0% interest on transferred balance, fixed for the first 6 months after your account is opened
14.9% APR (variable) on transactions (and balance transfers after 6 months)
Up to 52 days interest-free credit
No annual fee "

Their range of cards is innovative, and you can find out more by clicking on the right button below, or you can go straight to our application page by clicking on the left one.

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Virgin Credit — Design your own card

Virgin stress the "customising" aspect of their card. Everything from the interest rate to the card design to the repayment method can be altered to suit the holder.

Virgin says: "The only boring thing about a Virgin Credit Card is you use it just like other cards - at around 20 million shops, garages and restaurants pretty much everywhere around the planet. Why learn to say 'how much?' in 20 languages when your card's accepted from Heathrow to Honolulu."

Click on the right button to find out more, or simply click on the left button and apply right now.

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Accucard is issued by Lloyds Bank TSB, and concentrates on a young, flexible image, with lots of benefits and a fun way to choose your own card designs.

Our belief is that today's demanding and ever changing lifestyles create unique circumstances for each and every one of us. The Accucard approach was created to address those unique circumstances.

Accucard is the only company that puts the tools for control in your hands, giving you true freedom to design and manage your financial needs, exactly to fit in with your lifestyle and allow you to make smart decisions.

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American Express

American Express used to restrict card membership to a charge card, one you pay off in full each month. They have recently issued a credit card version of the traditional American Express card, and are actively chasing market share.

Their new "Blue Card" for example, offers a number of benefits:

"1. After 3 months you'll get 1% MoneyBack on virtually every purchase. To qualify for MoneyBack all we ask is that you make the minimum payment on time. The rebate is not payable in respect of any month in which the minimum payment is not received within 25 days of the statement date. The rebate is not payable in respect of cash withdrawals, interest, fees, balance transfers or expenditure in any month exceeding the amount of your Credit Limit."
"2. Purchase Protection insures against accidental damage and theft. Cover begins where any existing insurance you may have leaves off - for up to £20,000 per Cardmember per year".
"3. Travel Accident Insurance only. Insurance is offered through American Express and subject to conditions of cover".

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Citibank issues cards world wide, and has a really slick, complete service approach.

"Located in UK Citibank branches, Citibank Card Banking Centers are cash machines that give you access to your account, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They allow you to use your Citibank Card and PIN (Personal Identification Number) to carry out a wide range of banking transactions.

You can do the following free of charge, from any Citibank Card Banking Center in over 41 countries around the world."

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Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley issues a MasterCard service, both Gold and Platinum variants, which the bank then "tops up" with extra benefits. The Gold card offers split interest rates, a 0%APR for new card holders, for six months, and online account management.

The Platinum card offers extended cash back and other rewards:

"Our exclusive Cashback Bonus™ award rewards you with up to 1%* of everything you buy on your Platinum Card and there is no upper limit to the amount of money you can receive. Naturally, the more you use your Card for expenses, the larger your annual cheque will be."

"Your Cashback Bonus™ will be shown on your monthly statement, then once a year you’ll receive your award cheque to spend on whatever you want."

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Intelligent Finance

Intelligence is the card issued by Halifax Bank, through their "Intelligent Finance" brand.

The Bank sees its cards as additional resources for its current account holders, and goes to some trouble to develop tax arrangements that are advantageous, by offsetting current accounts against card debts, thus reducing the interest payable on the current account balance, and therefore the tax.

The bank cites several examples like this:

"Nicola enjoys spending money, but she's also careful with her finances. So, she took out a credit card and a current account with Intelligent Finance. Her credit card balance is £2,000 and she usually has around £600 in her current account."

"She chose to offset her current account against her credit card so instead of receiving interest on the money in her current account, she pays no interest on the same amount of her outstanding credit card balance".

"And because she doesn't receive interest on her current account there's no tax to pay."

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First Direct

No frills, no nonsense and the latest chip and pin anti fraud technology, coupled with bunches of benefit offers make this an interesting addition to a wallet full of plastic.

Oh, and its multicolored too . . . there's black, then there's black, and oh yeah, you can have black, too.

"exhilarating, intriguing, comfortable, delicious, informative...each month we present offers which will appeal to first direct credit cardholders.

Sometimes they're unusual, sometimes they're classic offers but always offering excellent value. Something different. Recent offers have included:

great discounts on theatre breaks
cases of fine wines at reduced prices
free passes to top UK attractions
low price European breaks.

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More th>n

A derivative of the Accucard by Lloyds TSB, the card relies for added appeal on very flexible repayment arrangements, and interest rates.

They say of their own card:

"Competitive interest rates, CashBack and an account that lets you choose the features that suit your lifestyle, plus all the benefits you would expect from a MasterCard. What’s more, the MORE TH>N Credit Card gives you free travel accident and purchase protection cover. Apply today to design the card that suits you."

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An obvious move for a big retailer, these cards a great addition to the wallet for people who shop at Tesco's. The retailer says of them:

"Choice of Classic and Finest* Platinum Cards —
You have the option of choosing our Classic credit card or the Tesco Finest* Platinum credit card which offers all the same benefits that make the Classic card such great value - plus a host of extras including:

Extra Clubcard points for purchases at Tesco.com —
Exclusive offers on Tesco Finest* and Tesco Insurance products
Higher credit limit
Free Travel Accident Insurance of up to £250,000 (Classic Card £50,000)
Free legal and medical assistance when abroad
Free delivery on Tesco Travel Money"

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Halifax has a huge range of credit cards, some of them affiliated with airlines and the like.

And if you're looking for real transparency in your financial arrangements, look no further! This is what Halifax say about their new "clear card" product:

With so many credit offers, rates and charges, credit cards can be confusing. So if you're looking for a straightforward credit card that offers a great rate and fair charges, you've found it. Whether you're looking for your first, second or third card, there's nothing clearer than the new Halifax Credit Card.

It's the UK's only credit card to give you one rate and no cash advance fee - the difference is clear.

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