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Please note: The interest rates, APR calculations, charges, awards and other conditions applying to credit cards on these pages may be changed by the card providers at any time.

Marbles credit cards

Marbles Card Marbles is a delightfully flexible card account. Besides picking the color fo the marbles that decorate your card, you can set the arrangments for interest, repayments, account integration and nearly everything, to suit . . . you, actually.

If you want to see how Marbles, with a high APR, no annual fee, 52 days interest free on card purchases, and a bunch of other benefits stacks up, then click on the card . . .

Compare rates online for a cheap UK credit card

Click on the button then select Barclay's name by scrolling the menu box. We strongly recommend you then run a comparison by selecting the default choice of "Any", it may find you a far better deal . . .

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Summary of Marbles credit cards:

"A Marbles credit card is really about two things.
Rates as low as a tabloid editor with a deadline (check out our comparison table for further details). Easy management is another. Simple really.

The right sort of rate

0% per annum fixed for 6 months on purchases and balance transfers.

And here's everything else

You can choose what your marbles card looks like.
No annual fee, and up to 52 days interest-free credit on purchases (but not on balances you switch over or cash advances).
You can manage your account online.
Safe Shopping Promise and Internet Delivery Insurance
Free Travel Accident Insurance
Travel deals and special offers. Click here to have a look.
Use marbles wherever you see the MasterCard sign - that's 32 million shops, restaurants etc worldwide and over 600,000 cash machines.

UK Online and credit card problems — get cheap, low rate credit

If you can't see yourself getting accepted for a credit card because of a poor credit history, don't be put off, we have specialists who can help you with your online application. Just go to our credit problems page."

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