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Endsleigh Car Insurance FAQs

The following questions are intended to help you understand your Endsleigh car insurance better. The answers largely depend on what type of insurance you hold. Endsleigh have listed here answers to questions about comprehensive insurance, unless otherwise specified in the answer.

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What if I don’t know the value of my vehicle?

You can call Endsleigh, on 0800 028 3571 with the make, model and general condition of the vehicle, their staff can provide a quotation for you.

Does Endsleigh car insurance cover my valuables?

Yes, under comprehensive insurance polices if they are personal items, or items in your care, they will be covered against fire, theft other loss or accidental damage while in the car.

Commercial goods, or goods carried for reward would require special cover, which is easily available.

How do I make a claim on my car policy?

Endsleigh operate a 24 hour new claim notification service. If you would like to speak to one of their Claims Handlers please call 0800 783 4433 hours a day 7 days a week. For detailed instructions you can go to our Making a Claim page.

Do you offer no claims discount on the policy?

Yes we do. Your policy has the facility to allow no claims discount, which works in the same way as no claims discount for nearly all car insurance. We believe we can find the best discount level in Britain.

How do I contact Endsleigh's car insurance specialists?

For a sales related query you can call us free on 0800 0028 3571 (9am to 9pm Monday - Friday or 9am to 6pm Saturday) or you can email them if you prefer.

How do I amend the details on my policy at a later date, e.g. if I want a ´high risk item´ adding?

To make adjustments to your policy, e.g. change of name, change of correspondence address, just call on 0800 028 3571 during normal hours, and on Sunday between 10am and 4pm.

How do I let Endsleigh know my contact/email details have changed?

Call them on 0870 241 3602 (9am to 6pm Monday - Friday or 9am to 5pm Saturday) with your revised details or complete the online form and send it to them. Please always remember to provide your policy number.

How do I know what my renewal premium will be?

Details will be issued 14 days before your renewal is due.

Can my belongings be covered outside the vehicle?

Yes, comprehensive insurance typically covers up to £200 of personal items. Goods of greater value (including money and credit cards) can be covered against theft, loss or accidental damage outside the car, in Britain and for up to 60 days abroad, if you opt for the additional cover.

What are the rules on my insurance of I use my car for work?

Business and Commercial vehicle insurance are available and should be taken if you use your car for work, but this can be a complex issue and you should contact Endsleigh for a discussion on your particular circumstances. There are also taxation advantages in having the right kind of business indurance.

Can I insure more than one vehicle?

The arrangements for car insurance are totally flexible, given the large pool of top insurance providers we can access.

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