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  Direct Line will ensure that they deal with your home insurance claim quickly and professionally. They will also ensure that they pay up to the limit of your cover.

Tel : 0845 246 8412
Lines open: 8am-8pm Monday -Friday and 9am-5pm on Saturday

Tel : 0800 601 3004
Out of hours call: 24-hour Emergency Helpline

Online Home Insurance Quote

Before you call Direct Line please make sure you have your policy number at hand (policy number can be found at the top of your policy schedule).

Especially when dealing with smaller claims it is useful to know the rough amount it will cost to replace the item(s) lost or damaged.

What happens next ?
You will be asked to provide details of your claim which will be registered straightaway by one of Direct Line's friendly Teleclaims Service Advisors.
Direct Line will advise you whether your claim is covered by the policy and the amount of any excess which may apply.
You will not have to complete a claim form.
If your claim is for a small amount and is covered by thepolicy then Direct Line may be able to send you a cheque to settle your claim without any further contact.
You may be asked to provide Direct Line with additional information to support your claim.
Direct Line have a number of approved suppliers / specialists who may be appointed to deal with your claim on Direct Line's behalf and they may choose to repair or replace items, as outlined in your policy.


Online Home Insurance Quote

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