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Direct Line Summary of Home Insurance Cover


Summary of Cover

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1. The structure of your home, and walls, gates, fences, hedges, footpaths, etc.

2. Covers your outbuildings such as any garages and sheds.

3. All permanent fixtures and fittings such as kitchen units, fitted wardrobes and wallpaper.

4. All the above are covered against fire, storm and flood (except hedges, gates and fences), theft, vandalism, escape of water and subsidence.

Direct Line also cover:

5. Freezing or bursting of the plumbing installation in your home.

6. Accidental breakage of fixed glass and sanitary ware.

7. Cost of alternative accommodation during necessary repairs to your home following an insured event.

Cover is on an "old" for "new" basis.

1. All household goods (including all non-permanent fixtures and fittings e.g. carpets and curtains).

2. Personal belongings.

3. Money in the home (up to £300).

4. The above are all covered against theft, vandalism, fire, storm and flood.

Direct Line also cover:

5. Accidental damage to TVs, videos, hi-fis and home computers.

6. Freezer contents (up to £250).

7. Contents temporarily removed to another home (up to £5000).

8. Cost of replacing external door locks if keys are stolen (up to £250).

9. Contents in the garden (up to £500).

Both also offer a 24hr emergency helpline

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Accidental Damage.

In addition, you can choose to add our Accidental Damage option to your buildings or contents cover.

When added to your buildings insurance, it covers accidental damage to your home (e.g drilling through a pipe or putting your foot through the ceiling while in the loft).

When added to your contents insurance, it covers accidental damage to your furniture, carpets and curtains, and accidental breakage of your ornaments.

Personal Possesions.

You can also take out Direct Line's Personal Possessions option.

It covers your personal belongings (including money and credit cards) against loss, theft and accidental damage outside your home and anywhere in Britain or abroad (up to 60 days). So you’re covered when you travel.

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