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Q: Is my PC covered?

A: Yes, the Contents policy automatically provides cover for home computers, including accidental damage protection. If you have a portable/laptop computer and require protection for outside of the home, you will need to take out the optional Personal Possessions cover. If the replacement value exceeds £1500, then Direct Line are unable to offer cover online - please call them for a quote.

Q: How much should I insure my Home and Contents for?

A: This should be insured for its rebuilding cost (not current market value), which can usually be found on the buyers' report or survey obtained when you purchased the property (although, if this was not in the last few years, the figure will need to be increased in line with inflation).

Alternatively, you can refer to your current Buildings insurance policy to check the sum insured.

Direct Line's Quote and Buy system provides an estimated rebuilding cost, based on Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors guidelines for the location, size, type and age of your home.

Contents: As a guide, Contents are all of the items you would be likely to take when moving out, including carpets, curtains, furniture, electrical appliances, valuables, clothing and personal effects. Your Contents sum insured must represent the total current replacement cost of all such items in your home. Direct Line's Quote and Buy system will provide an estimate based on the size of your property. However, this is only a basic guide and you should carefully assess the total replacement value as new of the Contents in every room of your home.

On the premium page there is the option to 'change sum insured or excess'. Simply select this and enter the sum insured required, the system will then recalucate the premium.

Q: How do I find an accurate figure for the re-build cost and/or contents cost of my property?

A: The building sum insured stated is an estimate of the minimum rebuild cost of the property. This is calculated using the House Rebuilding Cost Index prepared by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and is based on the location, size, type and age of your home. B. The contents sum insured is based on a percentage of the rebuild cost, and again is an estimate of what may be an appropriate level of cover for the size of property.

These figures are purely a guide and Direct Line accept that they may not reflect your exact requirements. On the premium page there is the option to 'change sum insured or excess'. Simply select this and enter the sum insured required, the system will then recalculate the premium.

Q: Do I need to specify all of my valuable items such as furniture and stereo equipment?

A: No. You only need to specify items that are worth more than £1,500 and fall under our definition of a ‘Valuable’. We define Valuables as jewellery, watches, furs, items or sets or collections of gold, silver or other precious metals, works of art, sets of stamps or coins or medals all belonging to you or any member of your family.

Q: Are my belongings covered outside the home or when I go on holiday?

A: Yes, if you take out the Personal Possessions option your personal belongings (including up to £300 for Money and £500 for Credit Cards)will be covered against theft, loss or accidental damage anywhere in the British Isles and for up to 60 days abroad each year. Overseas Travel cover is limited to £7500 for any one incident and any individual items worth more than £1500 must be specified on the policy.

Q: Is a bicycle theft covered by my contents insurance?

A: If the bicycle is stolen from your home, (including its garages or outbuildings) this is covered under standard Cotents insurance. However, if the bicycle is stolen while away from your home, it will only be covered if Pedal Cycle cover has been selected - this is an optional extra.

Q: Do I need to provide proof of ownership for all of my possessions?

A: No. However, in the event of a claim you may be asked to provide evidence of value and ownership such as purchase receipts and instruction manuals. It is essential to provide such documentation for any valuables specified on the policy, such as jewellery, watches or works of art.

Q: Do you offer a new for old policy?

A: Direct Line's Home Contents policies all provide cover on a 'new for old' basis. However, a deduction will be made for wear and tear in any claim settlement involving clothing or any item or part which is not replaced or repaired.

Q: Will my policy include any excesses?

A: You can select a voluntary Buildings and/or Contents excess of between £0 and £500 - the system uses a default of £100. The higher the voluntary excess you select, the lower your annual premium will be.

If you choose to include Accidental Damage cover under either section,a compulsory £25 excess applies in addition to any voluntary excess. The Personal Possessions section carries a compulsory excess of £50 or your voluntary excess, whichever is higher.

The optional Pedal Cycles section includes a £15 excess.

Subsidence claims are subject to a minimum excess of £1000.

Q: Will my Buildings insurance cover my outbuildings such as the garage and shed?

A: Yes. All domestic garages, outbuildings, sheds, extensions and conservatories fall under the definition of Buildings and are covered under that section. You should make sure that your Buildings sum insured includes the rebuilding cost of these structures.

Q: I am thinking about having a burglar alarm system installed. Will this reduce my annual Contents premium?

A: Direct Line currently offer two levels of alarm discount on Contents insurance:

A 7.5% discount is available if the alarm system is installed and maintained professionally.

A 12.5% discount is offered for professionally installed and maintained alarm systems that automatically notify the Police.

Q: What are the rules on my contents cover if I want to work from home?

A: When you take out contents cover with us over the internet, your policy automatically covers office equipment in the home up to £5,000. This includes items such as computers, printers, fax machines and photocopiers

Q: If I am adding an extension to my home, will I be covered for damage to the new building?

A: Your Buildings policy automatically includes cover for accidental breakage of fixed glass in windows/doors/roofs, fixed sanitary ware and accidental damage to underground drains, tanks, service pipes and cables.

However, until the extension is completed any loss or damage to the extension and unfixed materials would normally be the responsibility of the building contractors carrying out the work.This is something you should check.

It is possible that your builder may require you to insure the extension as part of your home insurance, under the terms of a 'Minor Buildings Works' contract. If this is the case, please call Direct Line on 0845 246 8703 for a quote, as this type of cover is not automatically included.

Further more in depth Questions and Answers can be obtained as part of the online booking process.

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