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Making a Home Insurance Claim

For a home owner with Endsleigh home insurance cover, a claim couldn't be easier. You simply pick up the phone and call

0870 241 610324

Endsleigh's claims area runs a 24 hour service, 7 days a week. Make sure you have, if possible, your home insurance policy number and other details by you when you call. It will speed things up.

An Endsleigh homeowner can claim on buildings, contents

The average claim is for small items, cameras, computers, video recorders and the like. But buildings do burn down, or suffer flood damage or other disasters, and all the contents are sometimes lost. Homeowners can rest assured on claims of this basic kind.

Analyse your household insurance and get a fresh quote

Before you get to the unfortunate business of making claims. it's a good idea to make sure you've got all your bases covered.

Click on this button to get information on what items are covered by a basic homeowner policy, and what you may need to add to the level of cover, for complete peace of mind.

Get a Home Insurance Quote Online

UK home insurance and many other online services

KInsurance providers presented on this site can put a whole package of insurance, finance and mortgage products together for you. Browse this site, and use their services. We're happy to help.

In short, whatever form of UK Insurance you need, a quote from providers you find here will simply get you covered at an extremely good monthly rate. Right now you're thinking about household cover, but don't forget the other great products youy will find here, Mortgage Protection Insurance, Income Protection Insurance,Car Insurance, Household Insurance . . . you name it, this site will find a company to proviude it.

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