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Income Protection Insurance

Protecting your income protects your home, family and your future. Here is the income protection insurance plan BIBA can offer UK residents:

Income protection insurance benefits paid from day one of any unemployment.
Our plan charges no premium penalties for age, gender, occupation or personal habits, like smoking.
Low premiums for income protection: Just £5.50 for every £100 of combined unemployment and disability cover.
An easy low premium of as little as £3.00 per £100.

Click on the image below to be taken to our dedicated Income Protection Insurance Site .

BIBA/Burgesses and UK Online Finance

Here at UK Online Finance we believe in the strength of teamwork, and we pick our team partners well, for your protection,. BIBA/Burgesses is our partner for the UK income protection plan, and we know that if a client of ours needs cover for a period of unemployment, whatever the reason, BIBA s has income protection insurance products that will look after them, well.

Further, we work hard to get you paid straight away. For example, if you took out cover and then made a claim on the 1st of July you would wait until the 31st of July before receiving any benefit, but the payment would be for the entire period of your unemployment or disability, dating from the 1st of July. So, effectively, you would get benefit as soon as you were eligible for a claim. There is no 'excess period' in which you would not be able to claim benefit.

A flexible, cheap and effective income protection plan

The BIBA income protection insurance plan, is designed to provide a package of benefits most needed by someone confronting the results of unemployment, or the onset of sudden disability.

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Unemployment, disability or redundancy, our plan covers you

A totally flexible package can cover mortgage payments, rent, loans, household bills and any other expenses you may have.

BIBA's low premiums can be paid by direct debit and all benefits are totally tax free. Our income protection plans also extend to self employed people, and further, our plan means that if your business ceases to trade, for any reason, you're covered.

Don't forget, you are never locked in on an insurance plan. BIBA offer free transfer and immediate cover to anyone switching from another insurer.

Am I eligible?

If you are between 18 and 64, a UK resident working here, and have six months employment before applying for an income protection insurance plan, and if you are eligible for Jobseeker's Allowance, then you rate.

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Can I claim?

You can claim at any time during the life of the policy, provided you give us notice in reasonable time. There is a 120 day exclusion period, at the beginning of any policy, unless you are an exclusion free transferor from another scheme.

If you need to claim, you will be covered for up to twelve months for any one claim. If you return to work, you must wait 180 days before making any subsequent claim.

All the conditions of policies issued under the income protection insurance plan are spelt out in the policy material. BIBA is a member of the Association of British Insurers. They are regulated by the Financial Ombusdman Service and the FSA (Financial Services Authority).. UK-Online Finance is a Registered Financial Adviser and permitted to provide financial advice by the Financial Services Authority under the provisions of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.


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