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We've boiled down the insurance offerings provided by a range of companies to present what we believe is a selection of insurance service providers who can be trusted to look after our web site users properly. Insurance is complex and you need to get it right . . . it's easy to pay too much for a policy that doesn't, in the end, protect you as you intended.

We think these will do exactly what you need, but we can't advise you one way or the other, that's up to the experts . . . Click on the compare and apply buttons to see how your present policies stand up, or to apply for a new one, online . . .

Motor Insurance

The providers we refer to on these pages can offer you a fuss free claims system, policies that cover exactly what you pay for, and over a thousand professionals nationwide to help you, if the worst happens.

You'll find more information on car insurance and how to make claims on the How to Claim page, and answers to any questions you may have on our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. How much does it cost? Click on this button, now
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Endsleigh Car Insurance

Cheap effective student cover

Students need to be insured, and Endsleigh are the ultimate insurer for students. The company was started by the National Union of Students for just that purpose.

When you are sticking to a budget, and every penny counts, you can't afford to lose valuable books and equipment by theft, or fire, or . . . anything, actually.

So check out our student insurance pages. It's worth the effort.

Click here to find out why this site refers to Endsleigh student insurance, and then how to make claims on the "How to Claim" page.
You can click here for a quote . . .

Endsleigh Student Insurance

Online travel insurance

Instant online travel insurance and the cheapest quotes. That's what the insurance providers referred to on this site can offer the British traveller, and they'll couple that with a 1000 sport equipment cover on all policies.

Professional insurance advisers will recommend that you arer covered for absolutely everything when you are away from your home shore . . . but you don't need it to cost as much as the ticket!
The insurance providers referred to on this site can offer you sensible, safe and comprehensive peace of mind while you travel.

You can look over the offerings on the Travel Insurance page, or simply click on this button for an instant online cheap travel insurance quote  . . .

Essential Travel Insurance

Medical and loss cover for the pet lover

Endsleigh Insurance provides pet owners with a form of insurance designed by pet owners, for pet owners.

Medical cover for vet services, advertising costs for lost pets, and replacement of lost or departed companions, is only a part of the range of service their pet insurance offers.

You'll find more information on Endsleigh's top line pet insurance, and how to make claims on the "How to Claim" page. Get a cheap online quote,
click on this button, now . . .

Endsleigh Pet Insurance

Critical illness cover

Critical illness insurance will provide you with a lump sum in the event of heart attack, cancer, stroke and many more conditions.

A stroke, or a sudden diagnosis of tumor can be a cruel blow. From the prospect of a long and healthy retirement to a dreary battle with illness in one fell moment. Well, insurance providers can't fix it all, but they can give you the tools to fight with, and the means to deal with disability.

You can read all about it on the Critical Illness page, or you can click on this button for a fast, cheap, online quote now . . .

Critical Illness Insurance

Life Assurance

Life assurance, or life insurance, have it as you wish, as long as you've got it, and got enough of it. For it is this form of insurance that will make sure you've carried out the most important obligation to your loved ones . . . to provide for them if anything should happen to you.

There's not a lot to be said about Life Assurance, until you die without it . . . then you can bet it's a main topic of conversation among those left behind.

This site provides referrals to some of the best life insurance providers in the UK. You can peruse the Life Assurance Page, or you can get a cheap instant online quote, here . . .

Moneynet Life Insurance

Income Protection

In common with most insurance reference sites in Britain at this time, we are developing new pages for this section, to comply with regulations from the Financial Services Authority.

Mortgage Protection

In common with most insurance reference sites in Britain at this time, we are developing new pages for this section, to comply with regulations from the Financial Services Authority.

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Household, building and contents

Protect your buildings and contents, extend cover to your valuables while away from the home . . . make sure fire, theft, flood and a dozen other things don't ruin your day.

We believe the providers on these pages have the most comprehensive, cheapest and most bullet proof household insurance system in the UK. We'd like your opinion too.

You can read through the Household Insurance pages, or click here for a fast, online quote . . .

Endsleigh Household Insurance

Private Medical Insurance

Many people feel strongly that the NHS is a right, and a right they should have. We agree, but increasingly, the NHS cannot meet the needs of all people.

Professional insurance providers will generally point out that it's only prudent to take some private cover and look after yourself and your family for those things the NHS cannot deliver well. Read about it on this page. Some may argue that private cover takes the strain off the NHS to a degree, and that makes it patriotic too. Click here for a cheap, instant, online quote . . .

Private Medical Insurance

Consumer protection
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