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Cheap, powerful, online Life Assurance

Let's get the basics sorted. If something happens to you, you want to know your life assurance will see that your loved ones have the house repayments covered, and they can carry on as usual, right?

That's exactly what the life insurance experts at Rowan Forrester are ready to do for you.

Clear, simple and effective cover that provides doubt free life assurance.
The lowest possible discounted quote from the cheapest possible mix of providers.
Return quotes from all insurers quickly & easily.
Totally independent & impartial advice from Life Insurance experts.

Click here for an instant online life insurance quote:

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Life Insurance or Life Assurance?

It's the same thing, really. Americans use insurance for all forms of indemnity, while in Britain, the old word "assurance" stuck to the life indemnities. So, like we said, let's get the basics sorted. Here's a few salient points a cheap quote for cover can offer you.

Strong life insurance alliances, made to work for you

Of course, there's more. After you set out your basic cover needs professional advisers can add on endowment packages, mortgage cover extras and all sorts of cheap, effective components to tailor make a term or endowment quote for life cover for you and your family.

Rowan Forrester Limited are one of the foremost financial advisory networks in the UK. They bring together a selection and purchasing power in life assurance and related products that is second to none.

They can get you a discounted quote from the cheapest provider, and make sure the insurance is effective.

Your insurance team managers

Under the FSA regulated umbrella of Rowan Forrester Limited, you have a wide range of choice, but, let's face it, even with the best market access and range of quotes in the world, choosing the right insurance can be confusing.

Get the mix of term insurance, mortgage cover or life assurance wrong, and your loved ones can suffer. That's where Rowan Forrester's experts come in. They'll decipher it all for you, and make sure it's all properly in place.

A cheap quote, and understandable life cover

If you need life assurance to meet the terms of your mortgage, or simply for very sensible reasons of personal prudence, Rowan Forrester's agents can structure it for you.

Remember this, there is no expression of love and concern for your family that is as cheap to buy, and as important to have as effective life assurance cover.

Don't wait until tomorrow, do this now. Call them, talk to them, don't go without.

Life Insurance and Assurance cover in the UK. Critical illness and life cover at an affordable rate online.

Term Life Assurance is the most common form of Life insurance. This extends a chosen level of Life Cover over a specified term. The UK Life Insurance market is extremely competitive and there is a great disparity between the costs charged by the various Life companies.

To ensure that you arrange cheap life insurance cover you should enlist the services of an Independent Life Insurance Broker, who provide Discounted Life Insurance quotes. This ensures that you receive a Life Quote from the lowest charging provider in the UK at a discount.

The most common form of Term Insurance is Level Term Assurance, where the level of cover remains the same throughout the term of the policy. An alternative that is commonly known as mortgage insurance is decreasing term assurance. Used alongside a repayment mortgage, the sum assured reduces throughout the policy term as the mortgage amount reduces. It's also a good idea to look into specialised mortgage protection insurance, so check out our mortgage insurance pages.

Rowan Forrester Limited and Incresco Limited are insurance experts. In addition to Term Assurance, Incresco Limited are also able to offer policies that include the optional benefit of critical illness cover. Critical illness is an important benefit that can be added to term assurance policies and undertakes to pay out either upon death or diagnosis of a serious illness such as cancer, heart, attack, stroke etc. Full details of the critical illness definitions will be sent with your Life Assurance Quote. Which is forwarded within 24 hours.

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