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These pages contain a range of cheap, effective insurance products for UK residents.

Whether you require term, whole of life, income benefit, mortgage life insurance or income protection, or any other type of cheap effective, UK based insurance, they'll walk you through the process. However, it's a lot more efficient if you have some idea of the low cost insurance quote you require.

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Types of mortgage life insurance

 Term Assurance

Term insurance is just that. Cover for your life, for a fixed term agreed by you and the insurer. The length of the term, the amount of cover you need, your occupation and your general health are factors in setting the premium, the amount you pay for cover. Whatever the term, premiums are usually paid on an annual basis.

On top of your basic life cover, you can add low cost extensions for unemployment, critical illness, disability and the like,

 Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection insurance properly should be named mortgage life insurance, and that is exactly what it does. It pays your mortgage obligations, should you die.

As with the any of special purpose insurance product, you can add on extensions for income protection, critical illness cover and the like. Life insurance can be be a term policy for the year, or for the life of your mortgage obligation, with a yearly premium adjusted to your needs.

 Family Benefit

Family benefit is a form of endowment ensurance, that is, it pays a regular payment in the event of death.

You can add on critical illness, disability and other extensions, as you require.

 Critical Illness Income Benefit

Critical illness income benefit pays out on the advent of death or critical illness and provides an regular income for the family.

If it is arranged on a term basis it can be a quite cheap, very secure form of family security cover. It can also be arranged on a whole of life basis with a maturity lump sum element, although these arrangements are increasingly rare. It is a specialised form of income protection insurance.

 Waiver Premium

In the event of illness or unemployment, or for any of a number of agreed events, the company continues your insurance, but you pay no further premiums. This is very useful if, say, a claim under employment disability insurance provides you with payments, but you still require mortgage life insurance to secure your mortgage in the case of death.

There are many other possible scenarios where waiver of premium is a useful and sensible adjunct to a life assurance structure.

UK life insurance quotes

Whatever life insurance quotes you need, whether for mortgage life insurance, income protection insurance or simple level term cover, as quote for low cost cover from insurance experts will make sure you are covered at the best possible price. Get a quote for cheap UK life insurance now.

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