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Life Insurance only cover for women

A woman needs as much life insurance cover as she can get these days, and if she's a mother her loved ones need her to be insured as well. Our insurance providers understand that women need life cover at the right price.

They'll get you the lowest quotes possible for UK Life Insurance only cover for females, but bear with them while they talk to you about adding some other cover to your life insurance only policy.

Female life insurance only . . . but what about illness?

These days women need to be self reliant more than ever before, and the statistics tell us that women are more likely to be hit by serious illness than men.

Click here now, for a quote on additional stuff. If you understand the need but are puzzled about the choices, call the provider. They're there to help.

Life Assurance Online Quote

UK life insurance quote and more

If you are a supporting mother, the need to be fully insured is even greater than for the young single woman. But both need to take extra steps these days, as family and social situations are fluid. A fully featured insurance package is one important weapon in the armory of the woman who is responsible for her own and her family's future.

Whatever form of UK Life Insurance you need, a quote from these pages will simply get you covered at the best possible monthly rate. If you'd like to know more about critical illness insurance go to our Critical Illness page. And don't forget other great products on our site, Mortgage Protection Insurance, Income Protection Insurance,Car Insurance, Household Insurance . . . you name it we've got it.

Assurance and insurance - what's the difference?

There is none. British people refer to assurance, Americans to insurance. Like so many words, the American useage is becoming more common. So, no need for confusion, whether you want to call it insurance or assurance, this site can refer you to cheap, effective UK insurance products.

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