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UK Mortgage Protection Cover

Mortgage Protection Insurance

The following message is intended to be blunt. No apologies. We believe that no home owner in the UK can go without a comprehensive mortgage protection insurance plan. Here's what we offer through our partners BIBA/Burgesses:

Your mortgage payments protected from day one of any unemployment.
3 months FREE cover.
Up to 2 years of claim cover.

Click on the image below to be taken to our dedicated Mortgage Insurance Site .

First, think about what happens to your family home, if something happens to you. Then click onthe button above for the UK's best mortgage payment insurance cover.

BIBA/Burgesses's UK wide private mortgage protection insurance cover means you never have to worry about the roof over your head. It's as good as freehold! And for as little as :

£3.95 per £100 for combined unemployment and disability cover.

£2.45 per £100 for single unemployment or disability packages.

UK-Online-Finance and BIBA private mortgage protection

the BIBA/Burgesses structured mortgage insurance plans are effective, cheap, completed online and include mortgage life insurance, or mortgage cover only options.

BIBA/Burgesses are our partners in offering you the best on line private mortgage life insurance in the UK. We chose them to work with us because they have exhaustive experience of the mortgage insurance business, and a bulletproof reputation.

And we were right. BIBA/Burgesses have come up with a graded private mortgage insurance plan, and it cuts straight through the flannel and jargon surrounding most mortgage insurance presently on offer in the UK. In fact, if you have a new mortgage, or are applying to re-mortgage, it's so good it's free for up to six months! Click in the “get a quote” button above to find out all about it.

Click here for Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

Cutting the cost of your cheap online mortgage insurance plan

Let's face it, there's only so many sources of insurance money in the country, so why should you pay a bank or building society a premium that is often many times the real cost of the insurance ?

BIBA/burgesse's carefully structured mortgage insurance array means there is a plan that's absolutely right for you, and our policy of keeping our own commissions to a minimum means we can beat the banks and building societies, hands down. BIBA can provide cheap, effective mortgage and mortgage life insurance cover, simply by being fair abut their costs.

BIBA have got your online mortgage life insurance cover.

We always thought it was fairly simple to save people money and offer cheap, reliable on line private mortgage life insurance, and we've been proven right. In fact, a new survey by The British Association for Protection Brokers (BAPB) says mortgage borrowers are being ripped off by their lenders and are “paying hundreds of thousands of pounds over the odds for their Mortgage Insurance”.

This is a view shared by a BAPB Director, Richard Longfellow who says, "Just because a Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance is one of the most expensive, it doesn't mean one is getting a better level of cover – in fact, the only difference in 99% of cases is how much commission goes into the provider’s pocket".

These insurance professionals agree that independent insurance providers, like uk-online-finance, are the best way for the ordinary UK citizen to get private mortgage insurance. With our policies, most of what the others would have charged for commissions ends up where it belongs, in your pocket.

UK resident? BIBA will cut your costs on mortgage insurance

You are eligible for cover under this policy if:

you are at least 18 and under 65 and you live and work in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.
you are taking out this policy to protect the mortgage on the private residential property you live in.
you agree to keep to the policy terms and conditions.

Get under the BIBA private mortgage protection insurance umbrella now. Don't go without.

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