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Mortgage Protection Cover

Mortgage Protection Insurance Facts

Anyone with a private mortgage needs a mortgage protection insurance plan with a good foundation of disability & income cover.

One in three people aged between 25-34 have experienced unemployment for a period in excess of one month.
Almost one in five working age households (3.4 million) have someone who is currently unemployed.
Every day approximately 500 people in the UK become unemployed. 60% of unemployed men and 45% of unemployed women will be out of work for six months or more.

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Back in the year 2000 statistics show that 90 families a day had their homes repossessed. Today it's worse, and the majority of these repossessions are caused by payment failures during unemployment.

The straight facts on our mortgage payment protection insurance

This mortage repayment protection cover is designed for UK residents. It will protect your mortgage repayments and insurance premiums for up to 12 months if you become unemployed or suffer a disability (accident or sickness).

If you are taking out the insurance to protect a new mortgage or re-mortgage you can receive up to six months cover completely free.

Protect your mortgage repayments

BIBA/Burgesses private mortgage insurance plans provide full unemployment and disability cover. Unemployment only cover or disability only cover is available at a reduced cost.

BIBA provide free cover benefits for both new and existing mortgage borrowers and competitive premium rates after the free cover period.

Back-to-Day-One benefits are payable after 30 days and claim benefits are paid for up to 12 months.Our plans cover employed and self-employed applicants. The application procedure is simple and requires no medical. Cover can be transferred from one lender to another and covers all repayments as specified in the policy documents.

This protection is the insurance answer for UK mortgage holders

For example, if you start your claim on the 1st of May and return to work on the 29th of May, no benefit is payable. If however, your claim exceeds 30 consecutive days you will receive benefit dating back to the first day of your claim (i.e. 1st May). Effectively, for claims that exceed 30 days there is 'no excess' or period during which you are unable to receive benefit.

Remember, it's cheap, effective private mortgage cover. You can do it on line, and it has you covered from every angle.

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