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UK Mortgage Protection

Key Features

This is mortgage protection insurance designed to keep the roof over your head in troubled times. It has a "back-to-day-one" element that's really important.

Mortgage payment insurance available to anyone in the UK holding a private mortgage
Free transfer and immediate cover for clients who switch
from another insurer.
Highly competitive mortgage protection insurance premiums payable monthly by direct debit.

"Back-to-day-one", simply means that from the moment you make your claim, payments are calculated from the first day of your disability or unemployment.

Click on the image below to be taken to our dedicated Mortgage Insurance Site .

Most mortgage payment and mortgage protection insurance schemes start paying at the end of the month in which a claim is made. Not good, we feel you will agree!

Take advantage of this excellent mortgage payment insurance offer

This insurance cover is designed to help you beat the consequences of unemployment or disability and provides many other benefits:

All benefits are tax-free and "Back-to-day-one" benefits are payable for 12 months.

Unemployment only cover, or disability only cover, or life cover can all be arranged in an appropriate BIBA/Burgesses mortgage payment insurance plan, for you. If you run your own business we'll cover you in the case that it ceases to trade and is formally wound-up.

And if you think that UK government benefits will keep your home safe, then read on.

Click here for Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

State Benefits

State benefits for a single person are currently around 60 per week. The typical state benefit for two adults with two children is around 96 per week; the maximum is in the rigion of 134 per week. This will never cover your mortgage obligations.

Self reliance, in the form of private mortgage protection insurance

Since October 1995 new mortgage borrowers have received no state help for the first nine months of unemployment or disability. Existing mortgage borrowers receive nothing for the first two months, only 50% for the next four months and then full benefit for mortgages of up to 100,000 (provided they qualify).

Governments are never slow to find a way to shirk giving a promised payment. In 1998 alone, the introduction of a new incapacity criteria resulted in 102,000 claimants being turned down for state benefit. An independent doctor (not your own) will carry out your assessment and you must be incapable of doing any work, not just your normal job, to qualify for state benefit.

Get under the BIBA private mortgage protection insurance umbrella now. Don't go without.

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