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Endsleigh Pet Insurance

Endsleigh pet insurance

You owe it to them. A pet is entirely dependant on your sense of responsibility and affection. Endsleigh's cheap pet insurance will cover all medical costs and ensure you never have that terrible feeling of having let them down.

Endsleigh will search a panel of leading UK insurers to find you their lowest cost insurance. With a monthly payment option and instant online quotations, try Endsleigh and see how much you could save.

Vet fees. Accident and illness treatment costs are covered
Death or loss by theft or straying. Advertising costs to try and find a lost pet, and finally, replacement cover.
Boarding fees if the owner is hospitalised, third party damages, and other liabilities can all be covered.

Cheap UK pet insurance medical cover

Endsleigh's cheap pet insurance plan offers effective, cheap, cover for medical, third party and personal liability obligations which may be incurred in owning a pet. Get a quote here:

Endsleigh Pet Insurance

Endsleigh pet insurance

There's nothing worse than finding yourself lumbered with a huge bill you thought you had covered, because the fine print was full of weasel worded exclusions. Endsleigh provide the best, and most easily inderstood, pet insurance in the UK.

Cutting the cost of your dog, cat, or other pet insurance.

You don't need to be covered for a stampede of buffalo in your living room at midnight. You do need cover if the dog or cat suddenly requires serious surgery.

By carefully tailoring the policy you buy to match your needs we can keep your premium cheap, and effective.

Online pet insurance cover for all your family pets

As caring owners, we hope our pets will lead long and happy lives, so when health problems occur it's distressing. Designed by pet owners, our pet insurance offers real peace of mind for owners of cats and dogs up to 10 years old.

So when the need for a medical treatment arises, you can cater for your pet's welfare and not worry about the cost of vital treatment. Endsleigh's cheap pet insurance plan is divided into sections to suit every budget and situation. Endsleigh pet insurance offers a choice of the Standard plan or the Gold plan. Replacement or cash payment for losses is done with no quibbles.

Endsleigh cheap pet insurance has a plan for you because it was designed by UK pet owners, for UK pet owners. So if your dog or cat is the focus of your family's affections, cover them now. And while you are thinking on matters domestic, look over our Household Insurance pages. They also feature products provided by Endsleigh.

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Endsleigh Pet Insurance
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