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Some key facts about Private Medical Insurance

When an official body sets out the facts, it's best to simply put them forward as set out. The Association of British Insurers has published an independent guide to private medical insurance. It is designed to help you understand how a private health scheme (PHCS) works, before buying a policy.

Crystal clear guide to PHCS cover and cheap UK private insurance

The guide has been awarded a Crystal Mark for Clarity, approved by the Plain English Campaign.

To view the guide, just click on the link below. You will need a PDF reader, like Adobe Acrobat, to read it.

So, I've read the guide. Where do I get an online health care quote?

It's easy. Just click on this button to get a cheap, instant online quote for an effective UK PHCS from moneynet.co.uk:

Private Medical Insurance Online Quote

Private health insurance cover that is carefully engineered

There is possibly no area of insurance so important to people in all walks of life, so insurance providers go out of their way to comply with a whole check list of desirable features to put forward. Check it out now.

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