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Frequently asked private medical cover questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about private medical insurance in the UK, and some answers which might clarify matters.

What is a private medical insurance, or health care scheme?

Quality private medical insurance schemes in the UK generally offer a number of levels, which can cover the cost of consultations, tests and operations in a private hospital, without waiting lists. Insurance cover plans are typically sold for a year long policy and can be paid monthly or annually.

Where can I get a cheap online quote and more information?

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What Is standard and comprehensive Insurance?

Standard policies usually provide for in-patient or day care treatment, home care and convalescence. Standard insurance does not usually provide for extensive out-patient treatment or the like. Comprehensive health cover schemes provide full treatment cover as well as extended outpatient, maternity care and convalescent services.

What's a moratorium?

A moratorium simply means "drawing a line" . With moratorium cover your medical history is not a limiting factor to your insurance cover, so you don't need to supply it. However your insurer can also draw a line and refuse to cover any medical condition you have had in the last 2-5 years, or limit the cover provided for pre-existing conditions for a period of, say, two or three years of insurance.

What is not included?

UK insurance plans generally are designed to cover treatment of short term illnesses or injury. Certain illnesses and medical treatments may be precluded by an insurer.

Standard insurance schemes usually provide for in patient, day care treatment, post hospital treatment and some nursing at home.

Standard insurance schemes don't usually cover extensive out patient or maternity care. Comprehensive schemes provide cover for outpatient care, maternity care and specialists. Comprehensive medical insurance schemes are more expensive than standard ones.

Do I need a medical examination?

For high levels of comprehensive cover a full medical may be required. Many standard schemes do not require an examination, and moratorium schemes certainly do not.

Conditions excluded from moratorium cover are only excluded for the first two years of the new policy, after which the condition is covered in full, assuming that you did not receive treatment for it during the two years.

Does age stop me being insured?

No, but as you get older, premiums for certain benefits do rise.

Can I use any hospital in the UK?

Insurers will have a list of hospitals they consider as "approved" by them, but the list is huge, comprising many hundreds of hospitals throughout Britain. And specialist hospitals are included in these lists.

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