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Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance takes the load off the NHS

It's a fact. Britain's National Health Insurance is groaning under the weight of service it provides, and the upshot is, without private medical insurance cover you will have to wait and wait for a number of treatments and procedures for which you could easily get cheap uk cover online.

Get a cheap, hassle free online Health Insurance quote now

Don't find yourself in the position of many patients who, just for example, have a simple eye condition but face blindness because of the waiting lists. Get yourself under Moneynet's private online health cover umbrella.

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Private medical insurance cover is your best guarantee

Moneynet.co.uk can make it happen. Moneynet have a national network of professionals who concentrate on using their sophisticated systems to get you the cheapest, most effective private health cover in the country.

Cheap private health insurance cover, hassle free, online

Do you need Private Medical Insurance (PMI) cover or do you already have it and are not sure whether you are getting the best cover for a cheap premium?

Moneynet.co.uk can provide a search tool to compare the priceand cover from the major providers in the UK market, which means you can quickly and easily identify the right health insurance product for you.

This system links up with independent private health care specialists HIFAC PMI Ltd. It's great teamwork, and it allows us to offer you cover from a wide range of providers, ensuring that you receive a complete picture.

It's cheap, it's hassle free and it can all be done on line, and we have checked out the providers completely. This insurance is effective, and well placed. And while you are looking into private health cover, don't forget that it's wise to carry your own critical illness insurance too.

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