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Travel Insurance Policy Wording Definitions

The benefits under this certificate provided by AON Limited and underwritten by Optimum Limited.

This policy is a CONTRACT OF INSURANCE. It contains details of the cover, conditions and exclusions relating to each Insured Person and is the basis on which all claims will be settled. In consideration of the payment of the required premium, Aon Limited and Optimum Limited hereby agree to pay or indemnify the Insured Person or his/her personal representative as follows; subject to the terms conditions and exclusions of this policy, on the schedule and in the application form.

We must draw your attention to a number of important features of this insurance.

Please read these features and the whole of this document carefully.

Conditions and Exclusions: there are conditions and exclusions which apply to individual sections and general conditions and exclusions which apply to the whole policy.

Insurance Policy: this contains full details of the cover provided plus the conditions and exclusions which apply to it. You must read the insurance policy carefully.

Property claims: these are settled on an indemnity basis - not on a "new for old" or replacement cost basis, unless otherwise stated in the policy.

Date Change Exclusion: Changes in dates and other systems containing computer chips, which depend on date-related information in order to work properly. Other than in respect of Sections 2 and 3, your policy excludes anything directly or indirectly caused by failure of any computer hardware or software or other electrical equipment to recognize or process any date as its true calendar date.

Health: the certificate contains conditions relating to the health of the people traveling and others upon whose well being the trip may depend. It may be that you are required to disclose the condition of such people prior to cover being issued and you must be aware that failure to disclose such information will prejudice your position in the event of a claim. Please see the section entitled: Health Conditions.

Medical Expenses: the policy does not provide private health treatment unless specifically approved by the emergency service.

Complaints: the insurance policy includes a complaints procedure which tells you what steps you can take if you wish to make a complaint.

"Cooling Off" Period: the policy contains a "cooling off" period which allows you to return it and obtain a full refund if you have justifiable reason to be dissatisfied with the cover provided. Please see the section entitled: Cooling Off Period.

Hazardous Holiday Activities: the policy may not cover you when you take part in certain hazardous activities e.g.: Mountaineering. If you want cover for such activities, please contact your issuing agent. Please see section entitled 'Hazardous Activities" to see what activities are covered under the policy at no additional premium, what activities can be included in return for additional premium and what to do if you wish to participate in an activity not listed.

Limits: most sections of the policy have limits on the amount the insurer will pay under that section. Some sections also include inner limits e.g.: for one item, or for valuables (see definition below) in total. UK Law allows the parties to choose the law applicable to the contract. The contract will be subject to English Law unless otherwise agreed.

Excesses: claims under most sections of the policy will be subject to an excess. Where there is an excess, you will be responsible for paying the first part of a claim.

Reasonable Care: you are required to take all reasonable care to protect yourself and your property and to act as though you are not insured.

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