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Endsleigh Student Insurance

Student possession insurance

Endsleigh will search a panel of leading UK insurers to find you their lowest cost insurance. With a monthly payment option and instant online quotations, try Endsleigh and see how much you could save.

Your listed possessions are replaced, no quibbling. Premiums are cheap.
Any exclusions are simple, make sense and can be covered by other insurances (for example, bicycle insurance). UK wide cover.
The average student has £3000 of vital kit, like clothes, computer, books, cell phone. Cover it for just £1.50 a month. And get Endsleigh fast claims procedure.

Endsleigh Student Insurance

Cheap UK student insurance

Endsleigh's cheap student insurance plans are effective, cheap and cover every possession. They are based on expert Endsleigh experience in the business.

Endsleigh student protection

Endsleigh are the best partners you could have for the best student possession insurance in the UK. We are happy to refer them to our web site users because they have exhaustive experience in dealing with students and their concerns.

Cutting the cost of your cheap student insurance plan

If you're counting every penny, and working extra hours to cover your university costs, you don't need the distress and hassle of something important going missing.

You think it won't happen to you? Ok, it might not. But there's more break-ins every day and more bag snatches, muggings and plain snatch-and-grab thefts . . . and that's before you simply forget something and leave it on a bus, gone! Endsleigh's carefully structured student insurance means there is a plan that's absolutely right for you

Insurance for students wanting cover for their own possessions from Endsleigh

Before your every possession gets stolen - insure NOW! The Endsleigh student insurance plans are cheap, effective and second to none, everything you possess can be covered for one cheap premium and replacement or cash payment for losses is done with no quibbles.

If you're the one in every four students who will be a victim of crime, then you could be looking at a loss of around £3,000, if your possessions get stolen. Cheap student insurance from Endsleigh can cover you. The fact is you could be an easy target - especially if you're new on campus.

Endsleigh are No. 1 in the UK for insuring students and are recommended by the NUS. Oh, and by the way, if you're living in a shared house and trying to save money on a communal basis, check out our Gas and Electricity pages for some really great ideas!

But in the meantime, if you believe student insurance is a low priority - think again!

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Endsleigh Student Insurance
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