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Why choose Endsleigh pet insurance

Endsleigh is an independent intermediary specialising in the provision of general insurance, and uk wide pet insurance for your cat or dog.

We chose Endsleigh because they have a flexible pet health insurance plan that was designed by pet owners.

Low cost uk pet health care insurance

Here are a few of the main points why Endsleigh is a better choice for low cost pet health insurance

Flexible plan designed by pet owners for pet owners
Sympathetic and rapid claims handling
Premiums that will fit the household budget

A quote for UK health care insurance for your dog or cat

Endsleigh can offer online quotes for the events a pet owner needs to cover.

Pet Insurance Care

Endsleigh pet care insurance

Endsleigh are the best partners you could have for the best pet insurance in the UK. They have gone to a lot of trouble to make a pet insurance plan that works.

Don't put this off . . . do it now!

You can choose from a basic plan or a Gold plan, and mix and match the fine points of cover to develop an insurance policy that exactly meets your needs . . . and it won't break the bank.

Endsleigh can't replace a loved pet, but they can reduce the material cost of the tragedy of losing one, and they can provide the wherewithal for a replacement.

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