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Student Insurance

Why choose Endsleigh student insurance

Endsleigh is an independent intermediary specialising in the provision of general insurance, and uk wide student insurance for your personal possessions.

We chose Endsleigh because they were founded by, and are recommended by, the National Union of Students.

Long experience in student insurance
Sympathetic and rapid claims handling
Premiums that will fit the student budget

Cheap UK student insurance for personal possessions

Endsleigh provides access to online quotes for the possessions a student needs to cover. Primarily, this is cheap insurance for the personal possessions of any student.

Student Insurance

Endsleigh student protection

Endsleigh can offer you the best student possession insurance in the UK. We chose to publicise them because they have exhaustive experience in dealing with students and their concerns.

Don't put this off . . . do it now!

One in four UK students will be a victim of theft while at
University. That's great odds for a race course, but not very good when you're struggling to make ends meet, and if that laptop contains your lecture notes?

Well, Endsleigh can't replace your intellectual property, but they can get you up and running with a new laptop super fast and then . . . how fast can you type? Don't go without cover . . . call Endlseigh, or click on the button and get a quote.

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