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We've picked, at random, a handful of the acknowledged UK market leaders. Our comparison page allows you to choose between more than one hundred lenders, so do a calculation with one of the major lenders, then compare lesser known, or local lenders. Either way, a low rate, cheap loan facility, analysed and applied for online, may save you a lot of money.

Click on the name to find out more about each one, then click the button below your choice to compare their rates with others:

HSBC Barclays Lloyds TSB
Royal Bank of Scotland Tesco Marks and Spencer
First Direct Virgin Money Yorkshire Bank
Smile Nationwide Halifax
Northern Rock Freedom Finance RAC

HSBC — Fast track to a loans facility

This big, fast and impressive banker, with its Hong Kong roots, and international style has a fast track, product line approach to the loans market

"Our Flexiloan comes with a fixed borrowing limit that you can take advantage of whenever you need it. And if you don't use it, you don't pay anything!

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Barclays — New loans a classy innovation

Barclays has been around more than 300 years, and in that time has proven itself a classy innovator. It has kept up the pace, and some of its personal loans are exceptionally good products compared to the High Street offerings.

"A Barclays loan is called a Barclayloan. Barclayloans are available up to £25000.Repayment options are from 1 to 5 years . For a loan of more than £10000 a 7 year term may be possible. Loan repayment protection is available."

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LLoyds TSB — Cutting the overheads on loan products

Clever bankers, Lloyds. They've been around for over 250 years, saw the trend from private family banking to incorporated banking early, and never looked back. They are very good at paring a little extra off the other High street offerings, and their loans products reflect this.

Lloyds are moving quickly to an online banking model, and are offering very competitive online loan rates to help drive this move, worth a look.

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Royal Bank of Scotland — punching its weight in loans products

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, founded in 1727, is one of Europe’s leading financial services groups. By market capitalisation it is the second largest bank in the UK and in Europe and ranks fifth in the world.

In March 2000, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group completed the acquisition of NatWest in a £21 billion deal that was the largest takeover in British banking history. It;s consumer lending reflects it's size . . . packaged right into the mid range of the High Street.

"You can borrow between £1000 - £25,000 with fixed repayments over 12-60 months, with an 84 month period for loans over £15,000.

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Tesco moves into the loan business

Tesco is one of the big money handlers, the national retailers, who have decided to cut out the middle man; if you are going to take money off people who borrowed it when you sell them stuff, you may as well lend it to them, too.

This double ended approach allows borrowers some interesting possibilities . . . more generous provision for unsecured loans, being the most obvious.

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Marks and Spencer — a retail approach to the loan business

As everybody's source of socks and underpants (as well as scads of other stuff) Marks and Sparks are ideally placed to loan money to their customers.

Its a retail approach al the way, with annual loan "sales", special deals and high interest traded off against low security, and of course, you might spend some of it with them, too. A double earner.

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Compare Mortgages Here       Marks & Spencer Loans

First Direct

One of many services First Direct is using to build market share, their loans facilities are based on fast online processing, and cheese paring the high street offerings to give slightly better rates.

Worth a look, as you get a £500 overdraft when you become a customer, and you need to be a customer to apply for a loan.

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Virgin Money

This is fast. Whoever is running Virgin is cashing in on their
advantage . . . they are new, so they have no legacy of slow, paper based processing, and if they get their risk tables right, they can approve and pay out like lightning.

And that is just what they are doing. The interest rates aren't bad, and the turnaround is, as we say, impressive.

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Yorkshire Bank

The bank says it up front. It's committed to becoming the first choice financial provider, and it's going at it hard.

A new online loans facility, and the sort of interest rates and charges that go with a bank looking for market share, is worth a look.

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Smile is the internet side of Cooperative bank. It trades fast online service against a slightly higher interest rate.

However there are some good deals to be done on their smaller,"automatic" type loans, with competitive interest on amounts up to £5000 and the opportunity to spread payments to suit income.

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Twenty five quid in cash if you can get a better deal from the High Street banks. Says it all, really.

This big building society has sliced its interest rates and charges, and is out for customers. They are making big offers and it's up to you to take it or leave it.

It'd be rude not to, wouldn't it?

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If you happen to be a customer, you're a walk up start for a loan here, if you are not, you'll need to open an account first.

The rates are just ok, but there is a great range of products, and there are signs that the Halifax is waking up to the need for some cuts in rates, and better deals. Worth watching.

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Northern Rock

It's a game of beat the High Street bankers, and Northern Rock is right in it.

The interest rates are pared to the bone, charges are reasonable and insurance is quite cheap.

The form asks if you are a customer, and that may act in your favour, although there is no indication that's the case. But if you need cash, it looks like Northern Rock are ready to listen.

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Freedom Finance

Instant online applications, no waiting, low rates and no other charges. Sounds like a sort of freedom . . . and it is.

Freedom claims to be happy to accept applications from people with no equity, adverse credit and the self employed . . . given good rates and no hidden charges, what else could you want?

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While you can use an RAC loan for nearly anything that's legal, clearly buying a car and similar motorised acquisitions seems to be a sensible view of purpose for this lender.

You can also get great discounts on insurance for the vehicle (but check out Uk Online Motor Insurance first) a credit card that gives super discounts on car stuff and fuel, and all sorts of other benefits. Loans interest is a little high, but there are other benefits.

For the dedicated motorist, its worth a look.

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