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There're lots of ways to buy a car. Personal Contact Purchase, which is rather like a lease, a purpose built car loan, a personal loan from a building society or bank, or a dozen other ways, but all of them, by and large are secured only by the vehicle itself, if at all.

So with all the competition, what can one lender do for you that another can't? Good question. Use the button below to set them squabbling for your custom..

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If you have a vehicle purchase in mind, follow this link to read up on car insurance, then click on the button below to get the best, cheap UK car loan .. . . and remember, if you have an adverse credit problem, click on the "Yes" button on the form . . .

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The pros and cons of car loans

Perhaps the easiest type of car finance is Hire Purchase. It's not too different to a car loan except that you don't own the vehicle until you complete the payments.

With a car loan the the vehicle is your property and the loan is virtually unsecured. That means interest rates are higher, and lenders more aggressive in pursuing late payments.

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The trick is to look at the APR, the annual percentage rate This is the interest that is actually charged on the loan including insurance costs and arrangement fees, over a year.

It is the APR figure that should be compared as between loans. Car dealer loans are convenient, but rarely the best deal, and you should use the APR to compare it to others.

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