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Personal And Other Unsecured Loans

Personal loans are unsecured, that is, you pledge nothing against your promise to repay, on the other hand that means the lender will want a higher rate of interest to cover their risk.

Personal and other unsecured loans are the simplest form of loan, are usually for smaller amounts, and are usually processed quite quickly.

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If you see a need for a personal loan facility, to see how your loan requirement stacks up, and to compare lenders, then simply click on this button . . . and remember, if you have an adverse credit problem, click the "Yes" button on the form.

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The pros and cons of personal loans

Because you don't have to pledge security, lenders tend to be a bit aggressive over late payments They're more likely to chase you if you default.

This means you could accumulate bad credit reports and your record could be affected. This may affect your ability to get finance in the future.

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Lenders check credit records to score your application before they lend to you money. Employment history, accommodation history, and repayment history with previous financial products all affect your score.

Using an unsecured loan is about striking a balance between getting quick access to funds and being prepared to pay the extra that you are charged for it. As long as you are absolutely sure that you can make the repayments, secured loans are cheaper.

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