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With secured loans you pledge real property to obtain a loan. They are cheaper than unsecured loans because the risk to the lender is lower. On the other hand the risk to the borrower is the loss of the security if payments can't be met.

Because most UK secured loans are made against your home, as the collateral, or security for the loan, you should follow this link to read up on insurance against those events which may cause you to fail in making the payments: illness, injury, disability, unemployment.

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The pros and cons of secured loans

Secured loans are had at lower interest because your collateral lowers the risk to the lender. You can check this using the button above.

.Use the same amount over the same time, then select both unsecured and secured loans and compare the rates offered. You will find secured loans are consistently cheaper.

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One of the big advantages of a secured loan is that lenders are more patient with you. At the end of the day they have your home as collateral for the loan, so if you are late with payments, they will often give you more time to make up the payments.

Because you are putting your home up as security for your ability to make repayments, your loan will usually be smaller than the value of the home. This means less risk for the lender. Lenders like less risk, and especially like shared risk.

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