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Getting a cheap, low interest rate loan in the UK means you are suddenly surrounded by jargon. Use this guide to untangle the terms and steer your way to a really good, low rate loan.

As with any of our finance products, if you think you have a bad credit problem, tick the "adverse credit" button on the enquiry form and we'll find you a list of lenders that can help. A look at our adverse credit page may be of assistance, there's a button below for those who need consideration of a poor credit rating.

Unsecured, or Personal loans

Personal loans are those advanced to a customer, or known client, by banks and other lenders who are reasonably sure they can be repaid.

And in any case unsecured facilities, that is loans that do not require the borrower to pledge property against the promise of repayment, are usually for smaller amounts and carry higher interest rates than secured loans. Check out our personal loans by simply clicking on this button . . .

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Secured loans

Secured loans require a borrower to pledge real property, insurance policies, fixed deposits, or other assets of a fixed and known value against the amount to be loaned.

In the UK secured loans are usually made on the basis of "bricks and mortar" and can often require collateral (secured assets) of a much higher value than the amount borrowed. That having been said, we've done our best to collect a list of lenders to give you the best possible deal . . . just click on this button . . .

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Car loans

Being far the most common form of credit, and a loan with a ready made security (the vehicle) makes a car loan about the easiest form of loan to set up.

With all sorts of interested parties, from car clubs to car makers, vieing for your attention, there are some great deals to be had, so click on the button and compare . . .

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Business loans

If you are self employed and own the business it can be tough getting the loans you require to lead your private life, let alone expand the business and enhance cashflow a little.

We've got a list of lenders who can deal with the average problems of small business people, the difficulty in establishing income figures,and the lack of employment verification. Just click on the button and compare the rates we can find for you . . .

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Home Loans

Home equity loans are advanced against the increased value of your property. Even if you have an existing mortgage we can usually arrange a second charge over the new value of your property.

If you need cash for something , then it may be worth looking into the present value of your home as against what it still owes and then click on this button to compare our lenders' offerings . . .

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Student Loans

There is a number of student support schemes, loan allocations and grant aid schemes run by the government to help young people get through their education.

They are about as easy to get as catching a handful of smoke, especially if you fall just outside the criteria for what is considered a "normal" student loan.

We have put together a number of lenders who understand student requirements and who can make a loan to fit your needs . . . just click on the button to enquire . . .

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Adverse credit and Debt Consolidation

We have lenders who specialise in adverse credit lending. To access them, simply click "yes" to the question "Do you have an adverse credit rating" when filling in the online form.

Debt consolidation loans are a means for those who own their own home to bring their old loans repayments under control

Old loans at high interest rates from the past can often be tidied up in a parcel at today's much lower rates, and if you have excess value in your home which can secure a consolidation loan, why not? Click on the button to compare the offerings . . .

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