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Tesco Loans for UK Residents

Please note: The interest rates, APR calculations, charges, awards and other conditions applying to loans on these pages may be changed by the lenders at any time.

Tesco Loans

Tesco has a retailer's approach to finance . . . get a product, get it cheap, package it well, and put it right in front of people at a great price.

And it works. They make no bones about being in business to cut the banks out of business, which is good news for borrowers. So with that in mind, click on the button below and compare.

Compare rates online for a cheap UK loan

Click on the button then select Tesco's name by scrolling the menu box. We strongly recommend you then run a comparison by selecting the default choice of "Any", it may find you a far better deal . . .

Tesco Loans Compare and Apply

Summary of loans from Tesco

Compare Tesco Loans with some other Bank loans to see how much you can save.

You can save hundreds of pounds when you borrow from Tesco. Do some comparison shopping.

Just look how much you would save with a typical example of a £7,500 loan paid back over 5 years compared to some big name Banks.
Company APR 60 monthly repayments Total amount to be paid Extra you would pay

Lender APR            60 monthly payments Total amount Extra you would pay
Tesco Loans 6.8% £147.18 £8,830.80 n/a
Egg 7.9% £150.87 £9,052.20 £221.40
Lloyds 7.9% £150.89 £9,053.40 £222.60
Intelligent Finance 8.3% £152.37 £9,142.20 £311.40
Barclayloan 9.9% £157.93 £9,475.80 £645.00
Halifax 9.9% £160.08 £9,604.80 £774.00
HSBC 11.9% £164.19 £9,851.40 £1,020.60

The above loans are for £7,500 over 60 months and exclude optional Payment Protection Insurance. Tesco Loan details are correct at the time of going online. Competitor loan details are correct at 16/12/03.

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