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Buy to let — the mortgage as a money maker

Buy To Let Mortgages have come into their own over the last few years with investors looking for alternative forms of investment.

This form of mortgage has become an alternative to the stock market or traditional pension schemes. A buy to let mortgage will enable the borrower to buy a property for the express purpose of letting it out.

We have teamed with The Money Centre to gain access to UK Buy to Let lenders who are competitive and whose service standards are excellent - click on this button for an instant online quote:

Residential Mortgage Comparisons

Compare the best interest rates with a UK Online quote

By using our booking engine, and accessing The Money Centre's suite of lenders you can get the best "buy to let" deal in the country. Then can you choose the safest, cheapest buy to let mortgage rate available for your investment plan.

Further strategies for buying to let

UK Online and The Money Centre can not only provide simple buy to let mortgages, but can also structure sophisticated, tax effective extensions of these arrangements. We can arrange sale and leaseback on owner occupied premises at the greater part of market value. As a tenant you will be granted a lease at a rental the equivalent of 6.5% of the amount received.

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