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HSBC mortgages — UK based, international flavour

HSBC started life in Hong Kong, in the roaring days of the old Crown Colony, and is on of Hong Kong's two note printing banks. Its service, therefore, has a flavor of the speed, efficiency and sensible pragmatism that is the Chinese business style.

HSBC says: "We offer a number of repayment options to reflect the needs of customers like you, including the most popular, capital repayment. We offer two interest rate options - fixed and variable. Both have interest calculated on a daily basis.

Whether you're a first-time buyer, or ready to make a move to a different property, we can help you through the process of buying a home from start to finish."

Compare your mortgage interest rates, online now

Our comparison software will allow you to scroll to, and select HSBC mortgage products specifically. We do recommend you also run a comparison for "any" (the default), as you may find a better deal. Click here, whenever you wish . . .

Mortgage Calculator

HSBC offers a scope for mortgages outside the UK

While offering a really streamlined package of mortgage products, and a lot of ancillary products for an "after market" approach, the bank takes an aggressive stand on winning market share, which can often provide potential borrowers with a great deal. The material below, provided by HSBC, spells it out:

Moving Your Mortgage to HSBC

Our fair deal and interest rate guarantee, together with our award-winning mortgages, mean that moving your mortgage to HSBC could be your smartest move ever.

Using Your Home to Borrow

You can borrow money against the equity in your home at great rates. Pay for a wedding, a new car, home improvements - or anything else you need.

Buy to Let Mortgage

Whether you're looking to buy a residential property to let for the first time, or already have a portfolio of rental properties, our Buy to Let Mortgage can help.

HSBC Amanah Finance

HSBC Amanah Finance is particularly suited to the needs of Muslims and includes a range of financial tools that remove the religious conflicts associated with conventional banking.

Buying a Home in France

Whether you're buying a home in France to relocate permanently, or just looking for a holiday property, we can help turn your plans into reality.

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