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UK Mortgage Types

The pick of the High Street mortgage lenders

We've picked, at random, a handful of the acknowledged UK market leaders. Our comparison page allows you to choose between more than one hundred lenders, so do a calculation with one of the major institutions, then compare lesser known, or local lenders. Either way, a low rate, cheap mortgage, analysed and applied for online, may save you a lot of money.
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Click on the name to find out more about each one, then click the button below your choice to compare their rates with others:

Abbey National Bank of Ireland Scottish Widows Bank
The Woolwich Royal Bank of Scotland Halifax
Capital Home Loans Cooperative Direct Line Mortgages
Prudential Northern Rock Nationwide
Alliance and Leicester Bradford and Bingley Egg
HSBC Natwest Buy to Let information

Natwest is long on mortgage lending experience

Now part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Natwest is an old mainstay of British High Street banking, and has an approach to mortgage lending based on long experience:

"When you're looking to buy a property, the key is to stay in control. Our range of mortgages are designed to help you manage your biggest investment.

Whether you're a first-time buyer, looking to remortgage your home or buying to let, there's a NatWest mortgage to suit your needs."

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Flexibility the key for Abbey National mortgages

Abbey sets great store by the flexibility of its mortgage arrangements.

Abbey says of their own mortgages: "Whether you're a first time home buyer, moving up the ladder or looking for a better deal, there's an Abbey mortgage to suit you perfectly"

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HSBC has mortgage finance packaged for a fair deal

This big, fast and impressive banker, with its Hong Kong roots, and international style has developed a packaged product approach to mortgage lending.

"Our fair deal and interest rate guarantee, together with our award-winning mortgages, mean that moving your mortgage to HSBC could be your smartest move ever.

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The Woolwich is budget conscious and has flexible mortgages

Aiming at the budget conscious family home buyer, The Woolwich says of its mortgages, and finance products:

"Whether you need a loan or you are buying a new home, at The Woolwich you’ll find all the help you need. Discover Personal Loans with a wide range of repayment options to suit you and a selection of mortgages to suit every individual and budget."

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Halifax will set your mortgage rate daily

Although it's now a bank, the Halifax has many of the features traditionally associated with its old role as a local building society, or credit union, and they work at it. Their rates are low to competitive, and they say of their own home loans:

"We offer such a wide range of excellent mortgages, there's bound to be one that's perfect for you. With daily interest and flexible features it's no wonder that more people choose the Halifax for their mortgage than anyone else.

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Nationwide has no fees and great service

This building society stresses its "no fee" services and long track record.

"All our current mortgage products have great rates and give you added freedom with our flexible features."

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Alliance & Leicester will fit a mortgage to your needs

This successful PLC began life as a regional building society, and they still see that as their main role. Mortgages, they say, are their business:

"You need a mortgage that fits your budget, and your plans for the future. But the mortgage you choose for your first home can be very different from the one you want when you have a growing family. At Alliance & Leicester we have a wide range of mortgages to choose from."

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Capital Home Loans

The company is a subsidiary of giant Irish lender, Irish Life and Permanent PLC. It concentrates on running a fully fledged mortgage and remortgage service and nothing else. It's style is no-nonsense, business like and very professional.

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Bank of Ireland

Flexible mortgages aimed at first home buyers. The bank says:

"With our new mortgage package, you can take full advantage of a range of optional benefits that will help you turn your new house into a home. And, as part of the package, you’ll have a personal mortgage adviser who will guide you through the process, making sure you avoid potential pitfalls."

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Scottish Widows Bank

The Bank has a snappy modern image and a candid approach to low interest rates that fits well with younger customers:

"Maximise your borrowings with our 110% Professional mortgage or opt for the flexibility of our Flexible mortgages. You can make your mortgage work with your savings too by opting for our offset facility.

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Royal Bank of Scotland

Has a wide range of mortgage finance and a full service approach. It makes no effort to be "feely friendly" but opts instead for an efficient, accurate and professional image.

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Co-operative is looking for the young, socially responsible middle class home buyer. They offer, as well as "flexible mortgages that offer a great deal", but also "for every year that your mortgage exists, we will make a payment to Climate Care - an organisation dedicated to helping solve global warming."

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Direct Line mortgages

This is a busy online lender that makes no bones about it's abilities:

"Whatever Direct Line mortgage you choose, you’re with a lender with a proven track record of delivering. But don’t take our word for it – just look at our awards".

The company has taken several magazine awards as a mortgage lender in recent years.

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Prudential has four kinds of mortgage products they offer, a wealth of financing advice and experience, and strategic alliances to provide other services. They point out innovations like:

"The Prudential Home Equity Release Plan is an effective way of turning the value in your home into real money without the need to move. It is a special loan available to homeowners aged 60 or over with no monthly repayments.".

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Northern Rock

Out for more business, in a big way, Northern Rock says:

"We have a wide range of mortgages to suit every type of buyer and home owner. The range includes Flexible Discount and Tracker products and new Buy to Let Flexible Fixed Rates. And the majority of our flexible products now come with an unsecured cash reserve which will take your total borrowing up to 100% Loan to Value"

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Bradford and Bingley

A regional lender, Bradley and Bingley has its own products, but relies increasingly on alliances with other lenders, an approach they refer to as the "MarketPlace"

"The MarketPlace is the smart new way to find a property, mortgage, loan, pension, investment or insurance. Rather than simply sell you our own products, we search the market to offer you a choice of products that are best for you, not us."

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Egg simply sales through all the complications with a two mortgage package that is as clear as water:

"We topped a survey of 35 top lenders for having the lowest interest payments on a £50,000 standard variable rate mortgage over the period 2000-2002 (source: MoneyFacts January 2003). MoneyFacts also named us 'Best variable rate mortgage provider' (April 2003)'."

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