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Welcome to the  UK Online Finance Mortgage Centre. We aim to help you find the best finance package tailored to your individual circumstances. we will instruct one or more of our panel of National Mortgage Brokers.
As with most mortgage brokers, each of our panel specializes in different sectors of the market. So they have developed expertise and relationships with lenders to best serve each type of borrower.

Choosing a mortgage is one of the most important decisions you will make. Choosing the right mortgage could save you thousands of pounds.
   There are more than 250 lenders in the UK;
   offering over 4,000 different mortgage deals.
   There are fixed rates, capped rates, flexible mortgages, trackers etc.
   Rates from under 3.5% to over 7.5%
   Tie in periods with redemption penalties
So which mortgage deal is the best one for you?
The range of UK mortgages has increased dramatically over the past few years. Although the increase in mortgage types has added complexity, it has also introduced fierce competition which has in turn resulted in some very competitive mortgage products. We give you the information to help you decide what type of mortgage is most suitable for you. We explain each type of mortgage, broken down by interest rate type and method of repayment. The costs involved in getting a mortgage can be confusing .
With a repayment mortgage, also known as a capital repayment mortgage, you make monthly payments which contribute towards the total amount borrowed and the interest payable. Repayment mortgages are repaid over a specified period. Assuming you continue to make all your monthly contributions in full, the mortgage is guaranteed to be paid off in full at the end of the arranged mortgage term.
During the early years of the mortgage, the majority of each monthly payment goes towards paying the interest owed. The amount paid off each year increases as the mortgage term progresses.


   Provided that you make all the required monthly mortgage payments, you are guaranteed to pay off your mortgage in full by the end of the repayment period.
   It removes the risk of having an investment, the performance of which is dependent on the stock market.
   You are less likely to suffer from negative equity because your mortgage balance will be reducing month on month.
   Assuming your property has not dropped in value, as the capital repayed increases you will see an increase in the level of equity in your property. Consequently, when you remortgage or move home you may find it easier to obtain a mortgage and you may be able to avoid paying a Mortgage Indemnity Guarantee.


   You would be unable to benefit from the stock market if it has performed well over the period of the mortgage. Therefore, there is no possibility of being able to pay off your mortgage early or receiving an additional lump sum at the end of the repayment period.
   Because very little of the amount borrowed is paid off in the early years of the mortgage, if you were to move again in those early years it is likely that you would need to take out a new 20/25 year repayment mortgage, in order to make monthly repayment amounts manageable. i.e. the period for paying off your debt could be extended.

There are more and more people looking for mortgages in the UK who can't prove what they earn from month to month. If you're one of them, you've come to the right place.
At Uk online Finance, we specialise in providing mortgages in the UK for people just like you. In fact, we're the leaders among mortgage companies for people who can't prove their income. Maybe you've opted out of the 9 to 5 to work more flexible hours. Maybe you're self-employed or a company director. Whatever your circumstances, we're here to make your life easier with our range of award-winning mortgages.


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