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Natwest mortgages push flexibility

Natwest uses its long experience as a building society to put forward a range of mortgages based on flexibility.

"Choose a NatWest mortgage for confidence when buying a home.

When you're looking to buy a property, the key is to stay in control. Our range of mortgages are designed to help you manage your biggest investment.

Whether you're a first-time buyer, looking to remortgage your home or buying to let, there's a NatWest mortgage to suit your needs," says Natwest.

Compare your mortgage interest rates, online now

Our comparison software will allow you to scroll to, and select Natwest mortgage products specifically. We do recommend you also run a comparison for "any" (the default), as you may find a better deal. Click here, whenever you wish . . .

Mortgage Calculator

Natwest Mortgages designed to put you in control

Natwest sets out its products in a direct way, and stresses their ability to provide stable products.

"Choose a NatWest mortgage for confidence when buying a home.

NatWest One
Combine your banking and your mortgage into one account and cut your monthly interest bill.

Discounted Variable-Rate Mortgage
Lower rates at the start of your mortgage, when cash may be a little tight.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage
Make budgeting easier, with repayments that stay the same for an agreed period.

100% Mortgage
Looking to buy a home but donít have a deposit? Then choose our 100% mortgage - particularly useful for first-time buyers.

Advantage Mortgage
Enjoy all the features of a discounted or fixed-rate mortgage, but with lower interest rates for our Advantage Gold or Advantage Premier customers.

Fee-free Remortgage Deal
Transfer your mortgage to NatWest and benefit from attractive rates and a fee-free deal.

Flexible Choice
Designed to give you the flexibility and choice to adapt the way you repay your mortgage to suit your changing lifestyle.

Buy-to-let Mortgage
If youíre interested in becoming a landlord, let us help you buy your investment property.

Extra borrowing for home owners
If you already have a NatWest mortgage, use the increased value of your home to release money you can spend now."

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