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Financial Spread Betting

A little sport and Tax Free gains

Spread betting is the art of guessing price spreads on popular stock and options market trades, and when to sell, or buy, for sometimes huge profits.

Bet on the share index with an expert in the sport

It's a sophisticated puzzle for market professionals — which is why you can play, with one of them at your side. We've teamed up with Tradindex, because we think they're the best. This is what we offer:

Tax free profits
Limited risk trading
World wide share indexes totalised
Online dealing that's second to none

Keep in mind that this is a gamble, and you can lose your capital. But for a little flutter, no harm's done .... click on this button to open an account now.

Open a Spread Betting Online Account

Open an instant UK spread betting account, online

We think our new partner, Tradindex, is simply the best spread bettor in the business. With Tradindexprofessionals running the "tote" for you, you'll find spreads a flexible and tax free alternative to simple share trading.

Take a flutter on your financial future with UK spreadbetting

You can trade long or short, play a margin strategy, or simply play the binary game . . . will Wall street close up, or down today? Yes or no? Get it right and you're a hundred to one up on the closing number. Get it wrong and you're down your bet times the closing number — get online now.

Maybe you prefer sports spread betting instead

Sporting Index was formed in 1992 and they specialise in spread betting on sporting fixtures of all types.

You can open one of sporting index's 'Shield' account whaich allows you to spread bet on various sports as normal but with an added safety net. Basically this means the following :

Shield accounts have a 'Stop-Loss' level applied to the majority of markets. This is a specific level at which certain trades are closed to prevent open-ended losses or profits. This means that when trading on a Shield account, you are aware of the maximum you may win or lose every time you trade.

Click Here to open your account today and start to enjoy the tax free thrills of sports spread betting online.

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